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5 Popular Sports Games In Our Daily Life

Sports play a vital role in our daily lives. From the early adolescent years, Most people take sports very seriously to the following years in life where they made sports a hobby, a fitness ritual, and some people make their profession. These days in every corner of the world few sports are devotedly followed. People take their sporting ideals as their mentors and some people get an emotional attachment with their beloved sports heroes. Every region in the world has different favorable sports. That makes ranking sports really a difficult and complex job. Therefore it is difficult to discover the authenticity and efficiency of various sports lists out there. Moreover, it is pretty challenging to determine specific participation numbers for sports globally but we can give you the general idea of some most popular games using available research. Below we have listed some popular sports game:-


Football is the most popular sport loved by millions of people globally. Football is a team sport in which two teams each made up of eleven players using a spherical ball within a rectangular playing field with two doors. The purpose of this sport is to score more points (called goals) by utilizing body parts like the head and legs rather than the arms and hands, then the opponent, bypassing the ball between the opponent’s goalposts. The football game is performed by nearly 250 million players across 200 countries, presenting it as the most famous sport globally. There are two goalkeepers in this game who are the specific players permitted to move the ball with hands and arms when the ball is in play, they can use any body part to save the goals of their team. The team that gets more goals wins. Football is regarded as the world’s most beloved ball game in numbers of participants and spectators.


Cricket is considered the second-most beloved sport globally, even if a little known, with an audience of above 3.5 billion fans dispersed across 170 nations. It was born in England, at least in its modern form, and is practiced mainly in the Commonwealth countries: Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and in the Caribbean (British West Indies). Cricket is basically a team game played with a bat, ball, and glove among 2 teams; each team has eleven players on a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. The two opposing teams practice batting and fielding and trying to score runs to win the match. Each turn is associated with an innings. Cricket has mainly three distinct compositions, i.e., Test, ODIs, and T20. The most important roles are batsman, bowler, and receiver (fielder).

Each run is worth 1 point for the batting team.


Badminton might be surprising to most people that it comes between the top 10 most engaged sports globally. But this game is a greatly beloved indoor game, usually played by an approximated 220 million people worldwide. Badminton is specifically widespread in Asia, with numerous of the most skilled players always to grace the continent’s game hailing. Moreover, This game is much more extreme than tennis, including nail-bitingly close matches on a usual occurrence. Badminton is usually performed as an everyday outdoor activity by some people on a court or ground. This game is played on a rectangular indoor court, and the points are obtained by hitting the shuttlecock with the racquet and grounding it inside the opposition side’s half of the court.


Starting from America, this game possesses an effectively considered worldwide participation number of 988 million people. This game can be played in both versions like Indoor and outdoor. After Analyzing the increasing demand for volleyball worldwide, it is suspected that volleyball will become the most reputable sport with its licensed leagues like other popular sports. Moreover, volleyball is a team game in which a net divides two teams of 6 players. Both teams attempt to obtain points by felling a ball on the opposition’s court under fixed rules. Several compatible techniques have been used in volleyball, including spiking and blocking and passing, setting, and specific player points and offensive and defensive structures.

Ice skating

Ice Skating is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and practiced winter sports. It is an ancient practice, born in Scandinavia and becoming popular all over the world. Ice skating was born precisely for the mixture of these elements: the pleasure of gliding gently, the strength to move fast on icy surfaces, the charm and elegance, and the fluidity of its movements. Ice skating is the action of moving on the ice using special skates, which consist of narrow blades attached to special shoes.

In countries with a sufficiently harsh climate, it is possible to practice it outdoors, on the surface of lakes, rivers, and canals on whose surface a layer of ice has formed thick and robust enough to support the weight of the skaters, while if this is not possible, special ice slopes have been built for practicing this sport. This sport can be practiced in pairs, individually and in groups.

The athletes perform exercises on the ice consisting of figures, steps, spins, and jumps, on a musical base. The jury examines the performance based on various parameters, technical and artistic. The maximum score in both is 6.0. You can easily purchase ice skates from a reliable website such as


Surely, this blog has presented you with great penetrations into the demand for different sports. Here we have presented some of the best games so far. These games are listed based on their popularity and loved by many people. If you want to grasp more about the stimulated version of football, you can get the popular football games from various websites.