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Best Sports to Bet On: Which Leagues Are The Most Profitable?

Best Sports to Bet On

Nowadays, sportsbooks worldwide offer various betting markets, from association football and basketball to Curling and cow chip tossing.

Read on to find out which sports league bets provide the highest yield and where to make them.

Association Football

Americans call it soccer, Europeans – football; regardless of the name, this is the most popular sport to bet on. Speaking of a particular league, we’d recommend the English Premier League.

Best Sports to Bet On

Online odds are traditionally better than that of physical sportsbooks due to the ever-growing number of online gambling operators.

Popular Markets

Single-game bets are the most popular. You can bet on the home side (1), a tie (X), or the guests (2). 

Experts make complex parlay bets, trying to predict the outcomes of five or more games on a single ticket. They often use a double chance on the trickiest matches: 1/X or X2.

If you are just making your first steps in association football betting, you can check out the over/under markets and other prop bets: the first team to score, both teams will score, etc.


Basketball is the second most popular sport with bettors from around the globe, and NBA is its most profitable league. 

While searching for the best basketball odds online, we found them in the family of Ohio sportsbooks provided by XBet. The only downside of NBA betting is that it’s yet to be legalized in some states.

Popular Markets

Apart from money line, spread, and over/under bets, you can try to predict the first team to reach 30 points or which team is going to win a particular quarter. 

Future NBA bets are also very popular. You can try to guess the conference winner or the top 4 teams in each conference.


Baseball may not be very popular in Europe, but the Americans and the Japanese are crazy about it. Two of the most famous baseball franchises are MLB and Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball Organization.

Popular Markets

Baseball fans mostly make money line bets, while over/under and point spreads aren’t so widespread. You can bet on which player will run the most yards and who will make the most home runs. 

When making in-play bets, it’s essential to keep an eye on how the odds change during the game. Before making any baseball bets, check the weather forecast for the game day and the wind speed in particular.


Tennis is also very popular with online bettors, and sportsbooks have reserved their highest odds for Wimbledon. 

Because it’s played on grass courts, the oldest tennis tournament in the world offers lots of drama, and the games are full of unexpected twists and turns.

Popular Tennis Bets

Game and set spreads are the highest-paying tennis bets. You can also try to guess the total number of games in a match by placing an over/under bet. 

Horse Racing

Horse Racing

The last spot on our list is for a sport that attracts millions of fans to the horse racing tracks around the world every week. The Royal Ascot is the most popular annual event to bet on. 

If you have luck, you can even see the Queen of England, who attends every edition. Sportsbooks like William Hill and BetUS give lucrative promo codes to bet on Royal Ascot races. Accumulator and Pick 6 are the most profitable bets in this sport.