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Kolkata Fatafat Tips – Secret Way to Win Kolkata Fatafat Lottery

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Kolkata Fatafat (1)

There are different types of lotteries in our country. We often buy and play all these lottery tickets (Kolkata Fatafat Tips). But in all these traditional lottery games the probability of winning is very low. That is why most of the time we have to be disappointed. However, in the lottery that we are going to tell you about today, if you can pick the correct number once, you can win the jackpot prize.

Kolkata Fatafat Lottery Tips

Recently a lottery game called Kolkata Fataft has started gaining popularity. Many people have heard the name of the Satta Matka Lottery. It was in vogue earlier which has now been discontinued. However, this Kolkata Lottery game is currently modeled after this lottery. Earlier this Satta Matka was played by hand. Like other lottery games, it was not low risk.

Kolkata Fatafat (1)

Most of the time, a lot of money was collected by betting. And naturally, people got greedy and bet more and more. And one after another, they would gradually lose their fortunes. But now that the Kolkata Fatafat lottery has been launched, there is absolutely no chance of winning the prize. But if you happen to find the number of the prized ticket by chance then only in Kellaft. Here we will discuss how to find this number in an easy way Get the best Kolkata fatafat tips.

Kolkata Fatafat Result -How is the game?

This newly launched Kolkata FF lottery game is not hands-on like the Kolkata Fatafat Satta lottery. It will be played online. It means that this Kolkata Lottery will be played in the same way as we play poker, rummy, etc. online. To play this game a person must be between the minimum age of 18 and a maximum of 70 years.

Kolkata Fatafat Satta

There are three types of games in this Kolkata FF Lottery. A single, another pair, and another leaf. Any type of game you like. Different types of bets are placed in this game. Sometimes 4 bets are played and sometimes 8 bets.

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result

Kolkata Lottery Lottery is played 7 days a week. Out of this Sunday 4 rounds are bet. But on other days sometimes 8 rounds are also betted. First Bet: 10.30 am, Second Bet: 11.30 am, Third Bet: 1 pm, Fourth Bet: 2.30 pm, Fifth Bet: 4 pm, Sixth Bet: 5.30 pm, Seventh Bet: 7 pm, Eighth Bet: Bet: 8.30 pm.

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Time Table

Kolkata FF Fatafat 1st Round Timing10:17 AM
Kolkata FF Fatafat 2nd Round Timing11:45 AM
Kolkata FF Fatafat 3rd Round Timing01:15 PM
Kolkata FF Fatafat 4th Round Timing02:45 PM
Kolkata FF Fatafat 5th Round Timing04:15 PM
Kolkata FF Fatafat 6th Round Timing05:45 PM
Kolkata FF Fatafat 7th Round Timing07:15 PM
Kolkata FF Fatafat 8th Round Timing08:45 PM

Kolkata Fat Fat Tips

There is a specific method (Kolkata Fatafat Tips) to play the Kolkata FF 2023 lottery. First, you have to place a bet with the bookie. There you will be given ten numbers. You need to choose any number between 0 to 9 numbers. Then you have to put that preferred number on a handwritten slip. You will get the prize only if the prize number matches your chosen number. Kolkata Lottery Results are announced four times a day from morning to night.

Kolkata Fatafat Lucky Number

Contact the bookie only if you see your number is given in the result. Bookie will give you the reward you deserve (Kolkata Fatafat Tips).

Disclaimer: One word at the end, this game has a lot of risk and it can also harm you financially. So play the game at your own risk. Our channel authority never encourages you to play like this.

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