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SEO tools, here are the best tools (free and not)

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Taking care of the positioning of a website on Google requires careful and continuous analysis of the pages. This type of work is done with the help of tools able to highlight the critical points of the project and to discover the new opportunities that arise. Knowing these tools and learning how to use them is essential. If you want to bring a site to traffic and occupy the relevant positions on search engines. In this article, we will see both free and paid SEO tools. So that you can choose from these and compose your very own “toolbox” of the good Seo Specialist.

What are

For SEO tools we mean all those online tools or those software to be installed on your computer. That allow you to plan an SEO strategy and can perform an analysis of the progress of the sites on search engines. These tools are essential for building an SEO Friendly website, improving it, solving critical issues, increasing visitor traffic, improving its positioning and obtaining an increasing number of conversions.

Free SEO tools

Let’s start by suggesting some that can be used for free. Among the most powerful and reliable we undoubtedly find those made available by Google.

Google makes several free tools available to Webmasters which. If you get to know them and know how to use them. Will be more than enough to carry out your positioning strategy on search engines. Let’s see them together.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics ( ) is the prince of analysis tools and, very welcome, it is completely free. In our opinion, it is the most reliable SEO tool ever, also because it is made available by Google itself.

To use Google Analytics you must create a Google account and then log in to the platform. Once the site is registered on Analytics, it will be necessary to copy the data tracking script generated by the tool and paste it into the website’s source code (usually in the header). WordPress site owners can paste it into the header.php file or use a special plugin.

From the moment the code is operational, Google Analytics will begin to return information on the number of visitors, on their behavior on the site, on the best-performing pages and those that could be improved, on gender, age and personal interests, which devices are used to navigate and any critical issues, set goals to track conversions and much more.

They are all the very valuable information that allows the webmaster to analyze the performance of the site to improve it and increase visitor traffic.

Search Console

The Search Console ( ) is another of the most effective free tools. Working in a concert connected to Google Analytics, he is able to provide us with several useful indications.

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tool), was born as a tool to support webmasters to get the information on how Google “sees” their website. Today it is even more so as it has been expanded with many SEO and performance analysis tools.

On the Search Console, we have the possibility to send our sitemap and immediately report the new pages created. We can test the robots.txt file and check the indexing status on Google. You can see the most visited pages and the keywords that activated our snippet on the search ranking, as well as the average position of the keywords found.

In addition, you can test the site for multiple factors, such as page loading speed, structured data, AMP and more. Google Search Console also returns an error report for duplicate content and HTML errors. Last but not least, we can see which sites have linked to ours.

Google Keyword Planner

Another free tool from Google, very effective that helps us in the search for keywords. As you can see, even with those that Google makes available to us for free, it is possible to make accurate analyzes and set up an excellent job.

The Google Keyword Planner can be reached from the Google Adwords online suite ( ). This tool returns information on keywords such as search volumes and is able to suggest new keywords to use.

Through this tool, you can also extrapolate the keys used by a competitor’s site or combine 2 lists of keywords to generate long-tail keywords.

Other tools Free

Reading data on Google home tools can be difficult for less experienced bloggers. We also want to report other free tools that can help you with the planning of the positioning work.

Keyword research tools

Modern SEO is based on quality content, able to respond to the needs of users when they perform a certain search on Google. But before writing the content it is good to know what people are looking for and to get to know this information, it will be necessary to use keyword research tools.
Here are some of the best free keyword research tools.

Answer the Public

Ever since this tool was put online, bloggers and webmasters have seen fewer hours of work spent on finding keywords that are useful for their strategy.

By writing the main keyword on the Answer the Public search box (, we will see our keywords entered inside the questions and prepositions on the screen, which are exactly what users type when they search certain information.

Using these long-tail keywords will allow us to intercept users’ search intent (search intent) and to develop content capable of responding to queries typed on search engines.


Ubersuggest ( ) is one of the first free tools for keyword research. By inserting the main key in the appropriate field, it returns us many other keyword ideas to be used by dividing them in alphabetical order. We just have to select those that interest us and integrate them into our articles.

Other tools similar to Ubersuggest but easier to use is Hypersuggest ( ).

Keyword Shitter

This keyword research tool allows you to enter different keywords in a box. Once launched, it will search for compound phrases containing the indicated keys and enrich them by forming very interesting long-tail keywords s to be used in the writing of the articles.

If used well it is truly an effective tool. You can find it at


One of my favorites is Seo Hero ( ). It is an intelligent software and a subject explorer that helps to create efficient content strategies and websites highly in topic with the topic.

With this tool, you will be able to know the co-occurrences of the LSI terms and keywords and add them to the contents of the site. In essence, in the age of the semantic web, this is, in my opinion, one of the best tools to use to intercept users’ search intentions and to make Google understand the topic of your web pages.

SEO Audit Tools

Analyzing website SEO is a daily practice for webmasters and blogs. The following tools used to perform this analysis and all free.

Seo Tester Online

Seo Tester Online ( ) is one of the simplest tools to use and able to provide a general overview of the state of ‘ optimization for search engines of websites by submitting a website to analyze, Seo Tester Online returns a whole series of information divided by topic: from on-page optimization to page loading speed, from compatibility with mobile devices to the integration of social networks.


Seorch ( ) is a free online analysis tool. The operation is similar to that of Seo Tester Online but the results are much more numerous. Seorch allows you to become aware of the major on-page criticalities of websites, analyzes off-page factors, integration with social media, semantic aspects of texts, performances in terms of speed and compatibility with mobile devices.

Location monitoring tools

The more traffic you get, the higher the performance in terms of site conversions. But usually more traffic between rhyme with positioning and to obtain a good positioning you need to take care of SEO correctly.
To check the positioning on search engines, other tools come to our aid, but in this case, they are not really efficient for free. The only one that really satisfied me is that of SERPLAB.


Serplab ( ) has a really simple and effective operation. First of all, the search engines set for the country or geographic area in which the site competes. Then you insert the URL of the home page of the site and finally, you can enter up to 5 keywords.

As a result, you will have the position occupied by your site for the keywords indicated and the URL of the page positioned for those keys.

Backlinks Analysis Tools

The links to our site from the pages of other websites are a predominant factor for positioning on search engines. A good link from an authoritative site can earn several positions on Google.

Obtaining them in a natural way is not easy, especially for newborns or little known sites. So these links are commonly acquired through exchanges with other webmasters, buying and selling or publishing on sites that host guest posts and press releases.

Once you have a link building strategy in place it is necessary to monitor the incoming links in order to verify the acquisition of new links or the loss of the old ones, as well as to verify if you have been the victim of a “negative SEO” attack consisting in the creation of hundreds of toxic links to our site with only order to give him a penalty from Google Penguin.
To monitor backlinks, special tools are needed.

In this field of free, very little or nothing and often the results of these tools incomplete or unreliable. For this reason, I recommend using paid tools specialized in monitoring incoming links to websites.
I would like to mention 3 of them: Ahrefs, Majestic SEO and Monitor Backlinks.


Ahrefs ( ) is the best stool for analyzing backlinks ever. His crawler is able to browse the web and return almost all of the incoming links. It also reports the loss of links, the presence of poor quality links. And also proves an effective keyword detector used in our strategy.

Among the many useful functions, there is that of the SERP Check, or the positions occupied on search engines for keywords. And able to highlight the new keywords that appear in the top 100 Google positions.
He has always been the best ally of link builders. Costs starting at $ 99 per month.

Majestic SEO

Another very valid tool for the analysis of link building activities is Majestic ( ). The functions present are very similar to those of hrefs. The cost of the basic monthly subscription is just under € 75 per month. Discounts for quarterly payments.

Monitor Backlinks Checker

Monitor Backlinks ( ) is another good tool for backlinks. Less performing than the previous two but easier to read and understand the results for the less experienced. The cost of the basic plan makes it ideal for bloggers who want to take care of the link building of their site. But also for agencies with few projects to follow.

The tool returns the links it intercepts, classifying them through the parameters of MOZ and Majestic to define their goodness or toxicity. It allows you to create a history with the progress in SERP of the keywords monitored and to spy on how the competitors move.
The base price is € 23.90 plus VAT.

Professional paid tools

When we talk about SEO tools, we also talk about tools. That reveal the progress of the site on search engines and highlight both the opportunities and the critical issues solved.

The most complete online software in the world that a webmaster can use is. In this case, Semrush ( ), a historical, reliable and performing tool. The best in the category.

Semrush allows complete control of the optimization of the site thanks to its numerous analysis and reporting tools.

It is possible to analyze the domain and individual pages. Search for keywords and track positions. Track backlinks (but in truth the tool is very lacking compared to specific tools). Perform the analysis of the traffic, spying on competitors and much more.

Semrush is one of the most complete tools that can be found on the net, with reliable reliability and precision. The cost? $ 99.95 per month. Strong discounts are available for annual plans.