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What is and what does the SEO specialist do?

SEO specialists

The SEO specialist or the technical complexity that is used to point to a web site and to improve your organic ranking in search engines, consisting of a complex job. In order to know all these techniques, you need to study and work in the field for years and always be willing to continually update, which is necessary because Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and from time to time you need to understand what are the factors it uses to ranking and optimize the SEO of the portal according to the same.

SEO specialists

In this regard, we often hear about the so-called Seo experts. An SEO specialist is the best friend and one of the greatest resources of anyone who has a site, be it a newspaper, an e-commerce or a blog, as he takes care of managing all aspects related to site optimization.

What does an SEO specialist do? In general, this professional figure deals with:

  • Take care of the organic positioning of the site on Google.
  • Try to enhance the contents of the site in an SEO key, to make them more attractive to search engines and to try to make them viral.
  • An SEO specialist takes care of all the technical aspects of SEO to try to position and optimize the indexing of the page: for example, he takes care of the structure of both the site and its individual pages.
  • Analyze the performance of the site, for example, the speed of loading pages.
  • Also, study the competition to try to understand the strengths and how to improve.
  • Evaluate the scope and effectiveness of keywords, choose the best by evaluating the competition to try to improve the optimization of the site.
  • Draw up the KPIs, the Key Performance Indicators for the site.
  • Carry out in-depth SEO analysis to evaluate if there are problems and how to solve them.
  • It takes care of all aspects of the possible migration of the site.
  • Compare the site activity with the tools that allow you to do it.
  • Create editorial plans for creating content that is quality, SEO optimized and able to position itself on the web.
  • He takes care of making good link building so that the site receives backlinks and increases his trust.

The SEO specialist actually also does much more, this is a small part of his complex work that makes him a truly fundamental figure for anyone who wants to take care of a site and place it on the web. The activity of the SEO specialist cannot be improvised and is the result of a wealth of culture, studies, and experiences that go on for a lifetime.

Where Does an SEO specialist work?

The figure of the SEO specialist is one of the most recent professional figures, but also the most requested today. A really good SEO specialist can work a lot because anyone who wants to be present today must have a showcase also online, and to have an online showcase and show it to the public it is essential to contact an SEO specialist. So such a figure can work:

  • In an SEO agency, or in any case within a web marketing team.
  • It can be hired directly by a company that needs a dedicated figure for the positioning of the site.
  • He can work on his own for the customers he wants.

The characteristics and skills of the SEO specialist

A true SEO specialist knows that his update job never ends. His professional training takes place both in the field and through the study of manuals, and also through the attendance of seminars and conferences or courses.

You don’t improvise as an SEO specialist but you become one over the years and in any case you have to consider that SEO updates every year, some techniques become obsolete, others come forward: to be real professionals you must always keep up to date.