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How to improve the SEO of your website

improve the SEO

How to improve the SEO of your site in a few simple steps

A blog is a great opportunity for those who dream of making space in the working world through writing. Knowing how to improve the SEO of your website will help you in the construction of the project, that’s why we decided to talk about the topic.

For the uninitiated, knowing the SEO techniques means having the skills necessary to better position a website among the search engine results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is in fact responsible for positioning web content at its best through a series of pre-established rules. Without a real knowledge of the techniques applied and proposed by this discipline, getting a site or blog off the ground would be almost impossible.

So what are the things you will absolutely have to learn to best affirm your blog? Let’s find out together.

How to improve the SEO of your website: 5 rules to respect

Find the right keywords

Within SEO techniques, keywords, or keywords that define content, play a crucial role. The keywords have the task of communicating to the search engine what an article is about so that it can have the opportunity to better position it’s content. Each publication must correspond to a keyword that exemplifies the topic.

Title tag

The Tag Title is basically the title of the article or even the one that represents its content within the Google SERP. By searching the web, you will notice that the results proposed by Google are innumerable: what makes you prefer one over all the others? The answer is the Tag Title, which is requested to be captivating and to contain a keyword inside.

Use appropriate images

To reach the first results of the search engines it is necessary to have a website that loads quickly. The loading time of a website depends on the size of the images, but also on the theme or the hosting service. Every article that is published on a website must contain an image. It is recommended that published images should be stored in a .jpg format. Be careful though, the images must be compressed but must not lose quality. If you want to be sure you have good quality images, you can use professional programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

Add internal links and external links

To improve the positioning of a website, internal and external links must be included in the published articles.

Add meta descriptions and meta titles

Every web page and every article that is published on a website must contain a meta description and a meta title. By adding them you can improve the positioning of the website and you can also give a preview to potential visitors.