Improve Google Positioning: Here are Some Ideas

How important is a good organic search engine ranking for a site? The answer is: very much.

It is not only important, but it is also absolutely essential that a site enjoys a good positioning to have greater organic access and to be able to make itself known to a large audience of people.

Whatever the product or service you are dealing with, it is therefore essential that your portal is in a good position on search engines. Obviously, this is not accidental: the organic positioning by keyword is, in fact, the result of an SEO optimization both on-page and off-page (the so-called link building ) which often lasts months and years, the result of hard work, constancy, and commitment to keep up to date with Google’s algorithms.

You really have to work hard every day to try to conquer and then also to maintain a good position in the search engines, but you can do it thanks to some advice that can show you how to improve your ranking on Google and consequently how to climb the SERP.

But how do you actually improve your ranking on Google? What are the best tips to try to get a better position on search engines and to try to be first by keyword? Let’s see some advice on how to best do this search engine improvement.

Analyze keywords to improve your ranking

To improve your ranking on Google, you must first make a complete analysis of the most effective keywords for the company.

In fact, we often try to perform SEO optimization for keywords that are excessively competitive and complex and do not get good results.

The best solution? Try to opt for keywords in an intelligent way, before carrying out any optimization process. If your company sells, for example, sporting goods, you can opt for a positioning on Google that is not based on too classic keywords such as ‘sports clothes’ but for example ‘tennis clothes’ or ‘football clothes’ in a way to optimize the positioning on keywords less traveled.

The choice of keywords is therefore really of fundamental importance in order to guarantee a position on Google that does not go beyond the first page. There are useful tools that allow you to find the least abused keywords.

Work on the site to try to improve your ranking

To improve your ranking on Google, you must try to work and improve your site concretely. Therefore, it is not enough to turn to highly competitive keywords if you do not try to improve the content while making them attractive. What are the characteristics to work on?

  • Improve the user experience. For example, try to decrease the time required to load the page of your site, or create a version of a mobile site that is truly effective and simple to use.
  • Try to use a domain that is credible, and that as such is also a guarantee of quality and safety for the people who click on it in search of an answer, a product, or a service.
  • Try to create content that is original, of excellent quality, has well-optimized SEO, and sufficiently long, if possible articles of 1000-2000 words and in any case, not less than 600 words. No customer feels satisfied reading an article of a few lines, but not even reading a very long article without substance: more quality to the contents.
  • Try to ensure maximum security of the pages of the site, if you have e-commerce. One of the major concerns of customers is that of not being guaranteed security at the time of the transaction, you must always be able to guarantee this aspect.

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