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SEO positioning: What is it, how do you get it, mistakes and strategy

best SEO positioning

Webmasters are well aware that the goal of a flaky SEO job is to get the best SEO positioning and thus increase traffic on the site.

However, first of all, it is necessary to understand what organic positioning is, i.e. what it consists of and how you can try to optimize SEO to position yourself better on Google.

By positioning in search engines or organic positioning we mean the position that a site occupies within the Google SERP, i.e. the search engine results.

Obviously people tend to click on the first results they find, so the natural positioning by keyword is particularly coveted within the first twenty results (which correspond more or less to the first two pages of Google).

Working on SEO to get a good ranking is absolutely essential for every website owner. In fact, it is proven that those who do a search on Google by keywords tend to click on the first results they find.

Being beyond the second page of Google, therefore, is almost like not existing and in this way, you will hardly be found.

Having an excellent organic positioning guarantees to be found quickly enough for the service or product you offer, for this you need to engage in on-page SEO and off-page SEO strategies ( link building ) so that they can be reached from the widest number of people searching by keyword.

SEO strategies to achieve good positioning

There are really many strategies but as we said, to be able to conquer the first places, you must first try to set an excellent SEO strategy, both directly on the page and the external one by means of link building and link earning campaigns that allow you to obtain quality backlinks.

Many people think they can position themselves simply by buying positions with ads, but this is not an optimal solution because sponsorship certainly does not improve any SEO deficiencies, it is limited in time and then it will return much lower in the SERP. To be able to have visibility, in short, it is really important to try to maintain constancy in updating oneself on SEO techniques and in optimizing the structure of the site.

Not only that: positioning on google is not something that is conquered and remains undeterred. You must also be very patient and above all try to maintain this privileged position over time, because it is easy to be overcome and climb down in the Google SERP.

Some aspects that can affect the natural positioning in SERP are the time of access to the site, the relevance to the topic and the links visited. Good optimization and the presence of numerous quality links on the web can give you a hand in search engine positioning.

SEO errors that adversely affect the positioning

Many people think that positioning is simple and it’s just a matter of over-optimizing the site. This is not the case and indeed over-optimization can cause countless damages to your site.

Better to rely on industry experts if you have no idea how to set up a campaign to improve the positioning of your website starting from one or more keywords.

In this way, you can guarantee optimization of the site in SEO key and you can also more easily climb the steep slope of Google’s SERP, consequently increasing the inputs on your site and your popularity.