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Review: ABCD Drawing-Learn with Fun

ABCD Drawing app

Drawing is almost a universal past time. Individuals from societies everywhere in the world have been doing it since before written history. We’ve developed a lot since the past times. Rather than using canvas, we now use smartphones, tablets, and PCs to draw on. Here is one of the best drawing applications for Android.

Introduce intuitive drawing apps to your kids at the early hand so that they dwell the artist inside and as they grow, they can produce everything from doodles and drawings as a masterpiece. There are heaps of drawing and art applications on the Google Play Store focused on every age artist. Here, we have reviewed and introduced one of our favourite kids drawing apps for Android smartphones that you can introduce to your juniors.

ABCD Drawing: Learn with Fun

ABCD Drawing App Modules

ABCD Drawing: Learn with Fun is a fun-learning app that enables your children under the age of 5 years to become familiar and draw English Alphabet with sounds, draw and learn shading names. The app is filled with bright colours and illustrative animations that will grab your kid’s attention to learn even more with this app. It is easy to use and incorporates fascinating activities with movements and audio effects to gain proficiency with the English letters along with identifying colours and number system.

About the Creator

The App is created by Systweak Software, a leading global software company doing business since 1999. The company offers cutting edge IT solutions, software and services, catering to hundreds of businesses and clients for the last 20 years. The company has partnered with Google, Norton, Intel, Amazon and several other companies for developing world-class products.

The company has around 100 plus employees and served more than 10 million customers on its products acquired around 10 billion happy customers. There is a pool of around 100 plus products designed by strong teams under the supervision of strong leadership. The company has been developing and distributing Windows, Mac, iOS & Android Apps with expertise.

ABCD Drawing App Features

The app features numerous intuitive features that will inspire you to grab this app for your kids. Here is a quick look at these exciting features.

  1. Light on system resources and storage
  2. Exciting sound effects for better learning
  3. Beautiful interface for both girls and boys
  4. Delightful animation effects for enhanced focus
  5. All in one app to learn the color alphabet and numbers
  6. Bright, vibrant, and colorful app for your amazing juniors
  7. Easy to install and use even by a 4 years old kid
  8. Ad-free application for constant learning
  9. Available for free on Google Play Store

ABCD Drawing App Modules

The application has an all-in-one interface for overall learning for your kids. There are three modules Learn Alphabet, Musical Drawing, and Practice Writing.

ABCD Drawing App Modules

The Learn Alphabet module enables your child to recognize the letters in order as well as instructs how to pronounce them effectively.

The Musical Drawing module combines drawing, delete, and learn shading names. Each colour comes with a particular sound related to it, which additionally gives a sound hint to the youngster to recognize each shading.

The Practice Writing module enables your youngster to learn capital ABCD, small ABCD, and numbers (0-9) in an exercise format. It informs you if the shape was created accurately or there was any flaw. Distinctive sound effects are associated with each response.

How to Use the ABCD Drawing App?

Getting this app from Google Play Store and installing is absolutely easy. You may follow these simple steps to get this wonderful gift for your kid.

How to Use the ABCD Drawing App

Step 1. Download and Install the app from Google Play Store.

Step 2. Once the app is installed, tap on Open to explore the colorful console.

Step 3. You will see all 3 modules Learn Alphabet, Musical Drawing, and Practice Writing at a glance.

Step 4. Tap on any of the modules to begin. It will show you a small tutorial. Tap again to go ahead.

How to Use the ABCD Drawing App

Step 5. If you tap on Learn Alphabet, it will start alphabet with a narrative interface. It will show a small capital alphabet with a picture associated with it.

Step 6. You have options to turn ON and OFF the sound effect. Select an alphabet to start with as it is not compulsory to always start from the first alphabet. You can swipe left-right to switch alphabets.

Step 7. Explore Portrait or Landscape view according to your choice and comfort. Tap on the Replay icon on the left-hand side panel to pronounce the particular alphabet again. You can also tap on the Home button to return back to the Modules section.

How to Use the ABCD Drawing App

Step 8. Tap on the Musical Drawing module to explore drawing with music. There are five saved colours and as you tap on a colour it says its name.

Step 9. Melodious music will start playing automatically as you tap to draw. There will be different music with every colour you chose. You have an option to undo or redo your actions. Your kid can write names, draw alphabets or a picture using this module.

How to Use the ABCD Drawing App
How to Use the ABCD Drawing App

Step 10. Tap on Practice Writing to write the small alphabet, capital alphabet and numbers. Tap to choose what you want to start practising with. Move your finger on the alphabet or number to draw and tap on the Done or Reset buttons at the bottom. It will show you scores as per the accuracy and you can give it another shot if it’s anything less than 100%.

How to Use the ABCD Drawing App

Summing Up

We understand your need to work from home in this pandemic situation where you also need to ensure that your kids are not disturbing you and learning to their best. ABCD Drawing app is the solution to smart learning for your junior to explore the alphabet, numbers, and colors. Do share your feedback with us on this app and if you like it, don’t hesitate to share it with your loved ones.