App Review: ABCD Drawing App for Android

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Kids learning has changed a lot in the past few months and this transformation has gracefully empowered kids to learn ABC’s with fun. Gone are those days when kids used to learn and write their first alphabet at the age of 5. Now every kid is smart enough to recognize or write all the alphabets at the age of 2 years. What made this possible?

In this COVID-19 pandemic situation where all the schools, universities, workplaces and other educational institutions are closed, everybody is learning at home. Kids are not going to pre-schools and have transformed learning through apps on different gadgets, smartphones, tablets and PCs. Here is an intuitive app to learn ABC’s with fun and play alphabet games. ABCD Drawing App is the first app for your kids to start their educational journey in a fun-learning mode.

ABCD Drawing App: Learn with Fun

ABCD Drawing: Learn with Fun is a fun-learning app that empowers your youngsters to get creative and draw English Alphabet and numbers with sounds. The application is loaded up with a colourful design and illustrative movements that will grab your kid’s attention for uninterrupted learning and play more with the app. It is anything but difficult to utilize and consolidate captivating exercises with dynamic activities and sound effects to learn English letters alongside distinguishing colours and number system.

The app is designed by one of the leading software and IT giants doing business for over 20 years in the international market. The company has developed hundreds of software and apps and has partnered recognition with the world’s greatest IT companies. These apps have more than 10 billion happy customers across multi-level platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS & Android Apps. Get ABCD Drawing App for FREE for your kids now!

ABCD Drawing App Modules

ABCD Drawing App covers all the basic learning bundled in three different modules: Learn Alphabet, Musical Drawing, and Practice Writing.

Learn Alphabet: Identify and learn small and capital letters with sound effects.

Musical Drawing: Draw alphabet, name or image with different musical colours.

Practice Writing: Tap and draw to practice Alphabet, Numbers with accuracy levels.

ABCD Drawing App Features

These exciting apps features of ABCD Drawing App will inspire your kids to focus and concentrate on uninterrupted learning.

Premium version for free on Google Play Store
Premium version for free on Google Play Store
Colourful, Animated and illustrative app for your smart kids
User-friendly and easy use console for independent learning by kids
Stimulating sound, graphics and audio effects for continuous learning
Lightweight app for reduced system resources and memor
All-in-one app to learn Alphabet, Color, and Numbers
Uninterrupted learning with Ad-free application

Get Hands-on ABCD Drawing App

Follow the step-by-step guide to explore the whole new world of eLearning on your device.

Step 1. Download and Install ABCD Drawing app from Google Play Store.

Step 2. Tap on the ‘Open’ button to explore the colourful app once it’s installed.

Step 3. The first screen will show you all 3 modules Learn Alphabet, Musical Drawing, and Practice Writing.

Step 4. Tap on the ‘Learn Alphabet’ module and go through the small tutorial for directions.

Step 5. Start learning the small and capital alphabet with a narrative interface and pictorial presentation.

Step 6. Toggle ON or OFF the sound effect, Swipe left or right to go next or previous. You can start from any of the alphabets in the middle.

Step 7. Explore any alphabet end number of times by tapping on the ‘Replay’ button on the left until you do not master it. Switch Portrait or Landscape view for a comfortable view. Tap on the Home button to come back to all the Modules.

Step 8. Now it’s time to explore the ‘Musical Drawing’ module, the main function of this app. Select any of the five available colours to learn its name and draw your imagination on the portrayal.

Step 9. Enjoy the mesmerizing music as you start drawing. Different music in different colours makes it more interesting to paint it colourful. Mute the music if you are not accustomed to music or undo to reverse changes. Bring out your imagination, write names, draw alphabets or paint it colourful.

Step 10. Now it’s the practice time with the ‘Practice Writing’ module that allows you to test your skills. Tap to choose what you want to start practising with from small or capital alphabet or numbers. Swipe your finger on the alphabet or number to draw the perfect shape shadowing behind and tap on the ‘Done’ or ‘Reset’ buttons at the bottom. Get accuracy scores and keep practising until you score 100%.

Summing Up

ABCD Drawing App is the perfect choice for your juniors to learn ABC’s with fun and play quizzes, puzzles and alphabet games. Work from home is made easy with this intuitive app as your kids will be busy learning their basis and you can be more productive at the same time. Don’t let your toddlers miss out on the learning during this lockdown phase as they will be glued to the app to score high and practice even more. The app link is worth sharing with your friends, family and loved ones!

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