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How to Remove Duplicate Data on Windows and Free Up Space?

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How to Remove Duplicate Data on Windows and Free Up Space

Data is being duplicated due to many reasons on our computer. This will take up unnecessary storage space on the computer. We use computers daily and we use them for personal use and work that will create data duplicity.

Duplicates are created more often than we all think. Duplicates are created due to different reasons and will fill up our hard drives.

Once our hard drive is filled, it starts creating problems with our computer. Duplicate Data is created due to multiple same-file downloads, copying files, or due to saving the same files on multiple locations. After some time, these duplicates will fill up your hard drive.

Now if you want to recover space from the hard drive you can either remove the duplicates manually or you can remove duplicates using a third-party program. Deleting the duplicates manually will take time and can be a troublesome task. Therefore, it is advisable to use third-party duplicate data finder software, that will help you to find duplicate data and remove them in a single click.

One of the best duplicate data finder tools is Duplicate Files Fixer. This simple program will help you to remove duplicates easily and in a single click. If you want to remove duplicate data you can use Duplicate Files Fixer.

What is Duplicate Files Fixer?

Duplicate Files Fixer is a simple program that will help in removing duplicates from your internal and external drives. This simple duplicate data finder software will find all the duplicate files from your system and then display them. After finding the duplicates you can also sort according to their type.

To find the duplicates you have to first select the location and then start the scan. This will help you to find the duplicates in that particular location and then you can delete them and make space on your drive.

User’s using this duplicate finder tool have the option of either removing the duplicate or moving them to a different location. You can mark the duplicates manually for the deletion or the program automatically marks them for you. Once the duplicates are marked you can delete them with a single click.

By deleting the duplicates, you will make space on your system. After making space on your system, you can fill it with other important systems.

How to use Duplicate Data Fixer for Windows?

Duplicate Files Fixer is a simple duplicate data remover program that will help you to remove duplicate files in a single click and free up the space on your computer.

Duplicate Data Fixer only needs the location and then it will find the exact duplicates from it.

How to use the program:?

1. Download and install Duplicate Files Fixer on Windows from the link below first.

2. Once the program is installed run the program by double-clicking on its icon.

Duplicate File Fixer -1

3. After installing the program, you have to select the location from which you want to remove the duplicates. After selecting the location click on Scan for Duplicates. 

Duplicate File Fixer -2

4. Now the scan process will start and when the scan is finished you will see the duplicates found by the program. You can either preview the duplicates or you can directly remove them. Now you can mark them manually or mark them automatically with a single click.

Duplicate File Fixer -3

Once you mark the duplicates you can remove them by clicking on the Delete Marked button.

Note: Another feature of the Duplicate Data Fixer program is that you can undo the action performed i.e., you can restore the deleted files in a single click. Another feature is that you can change the location to move the duplicates to your desired location.

Does Duplicate Files Fixer Detect All File Formats? 

Duplicate Data Fixer is a featureful program that is capable of finding and removing duplicate files of different types like videos, audio, files, and pictures from internal and external drives.

This program will also help you to find and remove duplicate files of different extensions. Removing the duplicates will make space on your computer.


Duplicate Data Fixer is available for different devices and will help you to remove duplicates from them. Duplicate Files Fixer is a simple file remover program that removes duplicates in a single click. Once you remove the duplicate it will help you to make space on your computer. By making space on the computer, you can install more programs and save other stuff.

Duplicates on your computer take space on your computer more than you know. Once you remove the duplicates you will see how much space is freed up from your drives. Duplicate Files Fixer is a reliable program and it won’t take up much space on your computer.