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Perks of Pursuing a BBA LLB Degree Course

Perks of Pursuing a BBA LLB Degree Course

Lawyers and legal solicitors are always in demand and have a respectable position in society. To fulfill the ever-increasing need for qualified lawyers, the top law colleges and universities provide many legal courses in combination with some other subjects to meet the varied educational interests of the students. BBA LLB Hons is one such program that is an exclusive integrated law program of 5-year duration, including the perfect blend of legal and managerial subjects.

The students who pursue this program can find career options other than core legal practice. The youth who dream of making a top-notch career in law mostly opt for this program.

What is BBA LLB?

BBA is the short form of Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and LLB is the abbreviation of Legislative Law Honours. The two worlds of business administration and law are interrelated in this course and studying both these subjects together is very helpful in one’s career in the long-term. The curriculum of this integrated BBA LLB program has been structured considering the demand of corporate sector clients.

Perks of Pursuing a BBA LLB Degree Course

The duration of the BBA LLB course is five years and the students have an added advantage of being conferred with both BBA and LLB degrees after completion of the course. It widely covers business topics along with legal subjects. The best part about this course is that it helps to save one precious year because when you pursue BBA and LLB separately, you will have to spend 6 years. In this case, a student becomes a graduate in management and law.

What’s more? Many organizations hire BBA LLB graduates and you can also appear for civil and judicial services in your state, or work as a Corporate Lawyer or Legal Advisor in an MNC. You can also use this knowledge and appear for Indian Administrative Services (IAS) exams, look for a job in legal processing outsourcing, or do your practice in the Criminal, Civil, or Income Tax sector as an advocate.

Benefits of this Course

The field of law is not a separate and stand-alone area of knowledge, and the practice of law also cannot be detached from the practice of many other disciplines. Many other disciplines and professions influence law influences and in various ways. BBA LLB is one such exclusive and niche interdisciplinary course that has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade because of the dynamic trends of the industry. It offers in-depth knowledge of both commerce and business management like a B.Com program but also adds intricate details of laws and their governance.

Its students acquire valuable insights into the domains of law and management and learn the nitty-gritty of management of various business functions, like finance, human resource management, marketing, and international business.

They also master the knowledge of the legal policy, and framework, which includes corporate laws in fields such as banking, investment, insurance, corporate governance, competition, acquisitions and mergers, etc. thus enabling a truly interdisciplinary methodology to learning law.

The Skills You Acquire by Pursuing BBA LLB

The program develops an analytical mindset while enabling the students to hone lateral thinking, critical analysis, research, problem-solving, public speaking, and decision-making skills while displaying the inter-relationship between law and management. The program aims to create a learning environment that nurtures the managerial and entrepreneurial skills of the students while helping them develop a sense of global and social responsibility.

In-depth knowledge and the means to offer solutions to legal problems by using their intellectual autonomy. This course also gives the students all the skills, tools, and practical experience to effectively communicate, manage, and lead in today’s increasingly competitive world.

Some Colleges for BBA LLB

There are many colleges and institutes in India that offer this course. Some known ones are:

  • National Academy of Legal Studies and Research University, Hyderabad
  • Indian Law Institute, New Delhi
  • Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
  • Symbiosis Law School, Noida
  • National Law School of India University, Bangalore

For course details like entrance exams, fee structure, and placement-related information, you could visit respective websites.

Scope of BBA LLB in India

Over the past decade, legal education in India has witnessed a lot of evolution. Therefore, the BBA LLB program has come into the picture as a spontaneous version of law education. This program can provide the perfect kick-start to those students who are especially planning to nurture their careers in the field of corporate law. The curriculum of the BBA LLB course is designed while keeping in mind suitable exposure in the fields of corporate law and business management

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