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Password Lock Your Files and File Folders with Top Data Protector

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You use computers every day for work and store important photos, videos and documents. In order to avoid loss, it is very important to protect your files safely. Top Data Protector is one of the best password file locker to use on Windows PCs. It’s free, secure, and provides strong protection for your photos, videos, documents, and data in many different format.

What is a Top Data Protector?

Top Data Protector

Lock your privacy

Your private files, photos and videos or other sensitive files will not be viewed or accessed by anybody else who doesn’t have the correct password.

Keep important data safe 

All your valuable project files, your copyright videos and client data etc. will be safely stored. You will never worry about the data leak and cause the loss for you. 

3.Stop ransomware attacks

It’s a reliable solution to prevent ransomware or other malware from stealing your data as it doesn’t provide file access.

4.No file deletion and modification

It can prevent important files from being deleted or modified by another user on your PC or by yourself if you set the appropriate lock options.

Key features of Top Data Protector

Hide the files and keep private

If you don’t properly protect your photos, videos, work documents, or other files on your computer, it’s easy for others to see or steal them. Whether it is personal data or your business data, a data breach can lead to very serious consequences and financial loss. Therefore, password protection of files and data is very necessary.

Top Data Protector can password protect all your private data, lock them and hide them from view. Just click “Add File”, drag and drop your files or file folders, lock and exit. These files become invisible from their original location. Locked files can only be accessed through Top Data Protector using the master password you set.

Top Data Protector

Lock files and prevent data loss

If you share a computer with colleagues, family members or other users, your private files may be moved, modified or even deleted. Needless to say, data loss can have serious consequences, and sometimes loss millions of dollars for businesses.

Top Data Protectors use passwords to protect your files in an easy and smart way. All selected files such as image, video or document files will not be accessible except by yourself. Simply drag and drop files on your computer, you can password protect files in all formats in the secure box.

Flexible folder locking options

In some cases, other users will access your computer for professional collaboration or remote customer support. Top Data Protector offers flexible file locking options that let you manage the file access in a customized way. To make the data completely invisible, simply enable “Hidden” mode in the software.

However, if you only want to allow viewing, enabling the “Deny Write Access” option prevents data from being copied, modified, or deleted. If you don’t want anyone to run the file, you can switch to “Deny Read Access” to prevent the data from being opened or read. You can always protect your data as you want with Top Data Protector.

Protect your files from ransomware

Ransomware attacks have become more dangerous in recent years as more remote users are not protected by the firewalls. Once infected, important files and data on your computer will be locked and very impossible to recover. Imagine if all your customer data, job tasks and other critical files were encrypted and you were asked to pay a crazy ransom.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by locking files and folders with Top Data Protector. Even if ransomware is downloaded onto your computer, it will not affect any of your files, as these files are already protected with Top Data Protector.


Top Data Protector is a free, safe, and reliable file locker. You can use it to protect your important personal and business files so that nobody else can see, copy, modify, delete them and you can also protect the files from the dangerous ransomware attacks.