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Does your iPad Know Magic Tricks?

Does your iPad Know Magic Tricks


iPad is an essential and versatile device known by every one of you, and most of you are using it. It is the most fabulous, most liked, and loveable accessory because of the fantastic features. It has several advantages using it rather than regular routines; all of these are best and amazing. iPad was developed by the Apple market companies, which runs iPads and ios, including many other devices. Magic Tricks on iPad are the most exciting device to be used in today’s era.

Many of you are using the iPad, as mentioned above, but most of you never know the real and the fantastic magic of the iPad because of the hidden advantage sit provide. These are all above your thinking because these are all very fabulous and very interesting. Most of you are still worried about does your iPad has magic tricks in actual? Yes, your iPad has magic tricks in a lot of numbers, which are given in the next sections. It will help if you read the full article to know more about these tricks.

Magic Tricks in your iPad

Let’s now learn the fantastic and clever magic tricks on your iPad screen in the icons, display, and many others. There are many Digital iPad magician and noel qualter is one of them. It has some hidden characters in the keypad as well. There are several new features and the aspects if you are already using an iPad. Following are the important and the new iPad fantastic magic tricks which are needed to be considered:

iPad Keyboard is a Trackpad – Magic Tricks

 By pressing the space bar for a long time in your iPad’s keyboards, you can lock your phone. When you push for a long time, the console automatically goes to the blank and in the trackpad mode. The next step is to move and drag your finger on the area, and again, your screen will turn to the screen board mode. When it is in the track mode, you can tap the keyboard for a second to select the text again. You can even double taping your manual to select the entire paragraph.

Make a Photo with iPad Photo App.

Another essential and high-level fantastic feature of the iPad is that you can take a photo whenever you want to use the iPad photo app. T is an amazing and versatile app. There are several tools for this purpose available on the app. You can even draw a sketch using these apps. An apple markup editor has a combination of six colors, an authentic and versatile feature. It is the best classroom for learning photography and all the essential elements you want.

Photo While Recording Video

You can take a photo of the scene you want while you are recording a video. It is the most amazing and fabulous option that attracts all of the users and the beginners for this purpose. You can take a photo at any time you want and need without worrying about the video resistance or without the video recording quality.

Siri App for Reminder

Siri is the most loveable app which is provided by iPad phones. It’s an exciting app just like the reminder, which may send or notify you of the speaking notifications because sometimes you miss the mails or the reminders only based on the message. So, it’s essential and the most loveable attraction for all people. You can even make reminders for phone calls for crucial emails and all essentials things and notes you need. You can ask Siri to pronounce a word, for the meaning of the word, for translation, and even for something else, you want to do in other devices. The advantage is that you do not need to install the number of apps, and hence memory can be saved.

Final Views

Noel Qualter has been working as an award winning wedding magician, table magician, party magician, close up magician and iPad magician for nearly 20 years.

Above are the significant, exciting, and amazing advantages and the magic tricks of the iPad. So, you must try these if you are using an iPad because of the fabulous characteristic. It is because if you are using your iPad without these, then you are not getting the advantages of your iPad. These are all free provided by the iPad, and you do not need to pay for the advance options as many other devices require.