We all know WinRAR, the famous software to extract and compress zip and rar files. This software after a few days that we installed it starts showing us every time the annoying message that tells us to buy the full version of the software. For this reason we will see how to install and activate WinRAR for free.

The guide will be divided into various steps in order to more easily identify the phases to be performed. Let’s get started right away!


To download WinRAR we must connect to the official website via this link. After arriving on the site we must download the version suitable for our system.

The operating system is indicated in the left column and in the end we can find 64 bit or 32 bit. So after finding the version suitable for our PC, click on Download located in the right column.

The download of WinRAR will begin and will last for a few seconds. This file will allow us to install the software in a few seconds. Let’s see how to proceed.


Now to install WinRar we have to open the previously downloaded file called WinRAR.exe. Then open the file, click on Install and then OK.

Well, now we have installed WinRAR correctly but after a few days we will start to get the message telling us to buy the product every time the program is started. For this problem we will find the solution below.


This step can also be optional since WinRAR will continue to work even without purchasing the license. However, if you wish to proceed with the activation, continue reading.

We arrived in the last part of the guide. Now we simply have to activate WinRAR

To do this in a legal way, just go to the official website and proceed with entering the data required for the purchase. WinRAR has a cost of $36.54 for each single license for an unlimited period.

Otherwise it is possible to proceed with an alternative method. Join our Telegram group and you will be explained how to have WinRAR completely free.

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