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Technology has evolved the functioning of sectors and transformed many day-to-day operations. Businesses cannot function without integrated technology and hi-tech devices and rely on them for communication, collaboration, and other functions.

They use technology to save consumers and employees’ data digitally and use technological tools to analyze them and make informed decisions. Increased dependency on technology and its advancements has led to security breaches as criminals are also equipping themselves with updated skills. Experts have predicted that companies will further become dependent on technology, which will increase cybercrimes.

Due to the government’s lockdown to combat COVID-19, many companies had to turn to digital tools to continue operations. Digital experts comment that security breaches have proven as insidious to companies as COVID-19 was to humanity. Cybercriminals continued to attack various firms maliciously. These criminals invade companies’ private data, steal information, and use them to carry out their evil attacks. Experts are coming up with more substantial digital fences to keep the data safe. Still, the criminals also update themselves and devise new ways of breaching security and rob the information.

Predictions are that the cybercriminals will continue with their malicious attack in the year 2021. The following are the internet security threats forecast for this year:


Ransomware has been infecting the companies’ systems and stealing their valuable information for the past few years. As per predictions, it will continue to invade the firms’ system in 2021. Ransomware is malware that corrupts victims’ files, and then the attacker demands a ransom from the victim, hence the name. Sometimes it comes in the form of an email, which appears from an authentic source. The victims confuse it with someone reliable and open it, which corrupts his files and, in the worst case, hijacks his systems. Some criminals use potent ransomware, which does not allow victims to decrypt the files. Therefore, the sufferer has no way of getting the files back.

Cybercriminals generally attack universities and other organizations with ransomware. Fortunately, prestigious educational institutes offer comprehensive cybersecurity courses. The new decade has a significant forecast of student enrollment in online masters in cybersecurity programs due to the rise in specialists’ demand. The need for firewalls has become inevitable for businesses.


Several countries have blocked certain websites, and their citizens often use VPN to access those webpages. Users do not understand, but they put their system at risk and endanger their files using VPN. Through VPN, your network connects to an encrypted virtual tunnel, which disguises your IP address either to some other location or disables it. VPN is easy to install. Many companies offer free installation; however, users put their mobile phone or computer in danger. VPN users may hide from a network, but they expose themselves to anonymous VPNs, which can be an even more significant danger.


A Botnet is an infected computer network that malicious people use for their evil acts. The Botnet allows the controller to make all the computers act as per his instructions simultaneously. Generally, cybercriminals use Botnet to disable organizations’ customers to access their website. Thus, they stop their online sales, which can be a considerable blow to individual companies. Botnets are easy to create, and they have caused a massive loss to companies. Botnets target an increasing number of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, putting several systems and enormous data at risk.

Mobile Banking Trojan

Mobile banking has brought significant ease in people’s lives as transferring money is only a matter of a click. E-banking requires users to enter their sensitive information online, and criminals use mobile banking Trojan to steal this data. Most mobile banking Trojans are the application that impersonates themselves as authentic. Users install them in their smartphones and insert their information, assuming that they are a reliable application. Experts suggest that users need to be careful before granting application permission to access SMS. Many mobile banking Trojans steal information through messages. Many individuals have been a victim of mobile banking Trojan, and while banks are amplifying their security, unfortunately, these Trojans are coming up with different ways to rob users their hard-earned money 

Poisoning of Machine Learning Data

Artificial Intelligence is dominating the industries and transforming various operations. Cybercriminals are poisoning machine learning data and using the data for their malicious intentions. First, they steal the data; then, they manipulate it by injecting poisoned data into the pool. The manipulation destroys the integrity of legitimately processed data. Attackers use machine learning to enter the organizations’ databases and make them vulnerable. By the time companies realize, attackers have done massive damage. 

Magecarting 3.0

Magecart is a hacker group whose main target is the companies that offer online payments using the Magneto system. People also refer to it as a supply chain attack, where criminals steal customers’ information from companies. When companies’ clients send their payments, they go into hackers’ accounts, and companies bear the loss. Since the world is becoming more digitized, many companies offer e-commerce and accept online payments from customers. Magecarting 3.0 is advancing, and companies need to be more careful and install anti-malware to keep their customers’ data safe.

Leaking Cloud Buckets

Small and medium-sized businesses use clouds to save their information and find it easy to share files with multiple people. Cloud Buckets have a user-friendly interface. Although the free versions do not offer much space, they are a good option for small businesses. The disadvantage is that they are vulnerable, and cybercriminals can quickly attack them. Experts have forecasted that in the year 2021, a massive amount of data will be exposed and accessible to cybercriminals


Many companies are granting their workers permission to work remotely and reap the benefits of online working. On the other hand, cybercriminals are gearing up and attacking companies to carry out their malicious acts. Digital experts have warned that during the year 2021, companies will have to boost their security to keep their information and sensitive data safe. They have forecasted that Internet security breaches will make companies lose a substantial amount of money.