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Obfuscated Server and What are there Requirements

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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a must-have application for a secure connection. We use VPN clients to connect to public Wi-Fi, hotspot, or on a network where different users transmit data, and the chances of getting infected or data theft are high. There are different types of VPNs that are different for a regular user to identify.

There are multiple server categories to choose from depending on your requirements. Standard servers are the regular ones that we use. Double VPN servers encrypt the traffic twice, Onion over VPN works on Onion network terminology, Dedicated IP servers, P2P servers, and Obfuscated servers are a few other options.

Obfuscated Servers are gaining popularity over other network types, especially in countries where internet access is limited. Here in this article, you’ll explore what is Obfuscated Servers, why we need them, and how they work. So, let’s get started!

What Are Obfuscated Servers?

Obfuscated Servers are popular for bypassing internet restrictions by a network firewall and can bypass you through unrestricted content. You can stream through different web series and connect to your business network without worrying about your identity protection. Obfuscated Servers offer anonymity on your connectivity. Obfuscation restricts reverse engineering in programs that make it hard for hackers to access your metadata.

Obfuscated Servers are also known as ‘Stealth mode’ or ‘Camouflage mode’ however these servers are not available in countries with strict censorship rules and regulations. In these countries, providers use virtual servers with obfuscation to bypass their firewalls.

For example, if Disney Plus cost $10 per month in Australia however it cost $4 in the US, being an Australian, we can connect to the US Obfuscated Servers and avail the services at a low cost.

VPN Free Countries

There are countries in which you can’t use a VPN even if you are a tourist or on a work visa. These countries have only allowed educational and government bodies to use a VPN client to perform their proceedings.

Countries like China, Russia, Iran, and UAE have clear restrictions on using a VPN client. Anyone found using a VPN can be fined between $5000 to $500,000 or more. These countries have clear restrictions on the use of Google, Gmail, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, The New York Times, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, or other websites.

Streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney Plus are also blocked in these countries. People still use VPN services to connect through these networks and browse restricted content without revealing their identity.

Why Use Obfuscated Servers?

There are different advantages of Obfuscated Servers over a standard VPN client. A few of them are listed here for better understanding.

Bypass Censorship

Where a Standard VPN is only designed to mask your IP address and DNS settings, an Obfuscated Server can actually bypass the censored content. It is most useful in countries like China, Russia, and UAE where data restrictions and censorship is too strict.

ISP Snooping & Throttling

If your ISP has a lot of control over your usage of streaming services, they may apply ISP throttling on your network to limit your usage on low connectivity. Obfuscated Servers can bypass that restriction and allow you full access to download or stream unlimited content.

Bypass Government Tracking

If you have a lot of restrictions from your government and you feel it is unsecured while the government is tracking you, use Obfuscated Servers to bypass that tracking system and stay out of their radar.

Bypass Strict Internal Network Policies

Some universities, libraries, schools or cyber cafe use strict network policies that don’t allow you to access any and every website. Obfuscated Servers can work as a privacy protection tool and safeguard your identity and activity in public places.

Bypass VPN Blocks

Obfuscated Servers can also help you bypass VPN blocks levied by your ISP or any other institution. It’s like using a VPN over a VPN server to bypass restrictions when your VPN is configured in NoBorders Mode.

Is Your VPN Trackable?

Normally, an ISP can track if you are using a VPN by looking at the pattern of your data usage. There is one thing that is common in Standard Server, Double VPN, Onion Over VPN, Dedicated IP Servers, P2P Servers, or Obfuscated Servers. They all send encrypted data through an encrypted tunnel. Such tunnels use multiple layers of protection and switch between different IP addresses while transmitting data. Such a pattern of transmission clearly indicates that the client is using a VPN service.

Best Obfuscated VPN Servers

There are different service providers who offer Obfuscated Servers. A few of the best VPN service providers are Systweak VPN, NordVPN, Surfshark VPN, VyprVPN, and ExpressVPN. All of these VPN services work on similar platforms and provide the utmost security and IP masking

Systweak VPN is an easy-to-use, user-friendly, VPN that you can use to connect over 4500 plus servers across 200 plus locations in 53 plus countries. You can enjoy unlimited & anonymous web browsing by spoofing your IP over a public Wi-Fi or hotspot connection.

Stay assured about your privacy and security with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption, IP Masking, Kill Switch, and IKev2 technology to explore restricted global content. Keep it silent and secured with Obfuscated Servers!