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New Instagram Updates and How They Can Influence Your Business

New Instagram Updates

Instagram is one of the biggest players on social media with more than 2 billion active users worldwide. The platform never stops growing and developing, which means it regularly introduces new features. Social media marketers know that keeping track of social media platforms updates is essential. However, many business owners are reluctant with these instagram updates as they may affect their business.

Instagram recently polled why people were using the app, and the most popular answer was to be entertained. That’s why they started focusing more on the entertainment trend, entailing more videos. Although this may have some disadvantages, it will benefit the new workforce of content creators, which business owners can use to promote their brands.    

Below we’ll cover a few of the latest Instagram updates, and see how they may affect your business.

What’s new?

Instagram Updates
Photo by Claudio Schwarz from Unsplash

Instagram Insights update

This tool is one of the most important for many users, especially creators and businesses, to give them better insight into their account’s performance. Some of the major changes include the opportunity to see data from up to 90 days and measure your live video performance.

It gives you visibility of statistics for accounts reached, accounts engaged, total followers, and content you shared. Since Instagram followers are essential for every business, this gives you an overview of your profile’s reach metrics, which can help you improve your business and target audience.  

Professional Dashboard

This feature is for all business and creator accounts, serving as a main in-app dashboard to analyze your account’s performance. Some of the main tools include overall account performance, promotions, Instagram Insights, Instagram Shopping, branded content approvals, and saved replies.

Professional Dashboard is a great tool to have a quick overview of the statistics regarding your account. However, if you want to dive a little deeper, you’ll still need to direct to InstagramIinsights for that.

Shops and ads

Facebook, now rebranded as Meta, has been investing in developing its eCommerce side by introducing Facebook and Instagram Shops, which can be accessed directly in the apps. This is a great way for businesses to create customizable catalogs of their products, which users can browse, save, share, and purchase. Once you set up this function, you can highlight your products using various options. Such as adding a cover image to give a unique look and feel to your online store.

Reels update

Ever since Reels were introduced in 2020, they have been gaining popularity. Instagram is continuing to invest in this feature and is constantly looking to upgrade it. Now, it has even more editing options such as the double exposure feature or timer.

Instagram Reels can be equipped with various extras to make the content more engaging including music, voiceover, text, effects, timer, etc. However, Instagram is constantly testing new features that can make Reels even more interesting for users. Businesses and creators can also use this feature to their advantage when promoting their brands.

How will some of these updates affect business?

The new updates focus more on a video-oriented interface instead of visually pleasing photos. Those that advertised their brand through photos on their profile. Now have to focus more on using videos as well as Reels.

Due to the shift of eCommerce, businesses have to improve their online presence. It’s essential to build relationships with influencers, so they can promote your product and build your audience. When influencers or brand advocates share a post or story on Instagram to promote a brand. They use the tag Paid Partnership and link their business partner account.

Since communication is essential for providing customer engagement. The new feature called Partnership Inbox can help creators and businesses quickly find and manage their communications. Businesses should know how to use these new features to their advantage by creating engaging reels, improving their website, selling online, curating an automatic messaging feature, and many more.

The impact on digital marketing is also evident. The new Instagram updates reflect the new digital marketing age of powerful influencers. Clients will need to invest in good video content and collaborate with creators to be seen and remain relevant. Seeing as photos are not getting the audience’s attention anymore, businesses have to keep up with the times and focus more on video content.

Instagram Updates
Photo by Kate Torline from Unsplash

Final thoughts

Instagram, being one of the most popular and engaging social media platforms in the world has to continue improving and updating to stay relevant. The same goes for businesses and creators. Keep in mind that the platform is not just growing but also evolving. It makes sense that your social media marketing strategy also evolves to leverage the new Instagram features.