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4 Major Destructive Effects of Data Leak and Their Preventions

Data Leakage is one of the most dominant headlines which hits millions of businesses around the globe. Despite the data being secured, many cybercriminals still find their way out to hack and access important business data.

So far, technology has taken a magnificent pace, and along with this pacing change. The number of threats attached to it is also escalating. One of many threats, one of the major destruction that a company has to deal with is Data Breach.

Data Breach is the leak or unauthorized access to any important information that is highly confidential for a business. It is a major threat that can cause a negative impact on the business and its overall reputation. Your business can get hit by various types of data leaks like- ransomware, phishing, stolen data, malware, viruses, and many others.

These days, cybersecurity is a burning issue that needs to be taken care of effectively and timely. However, it is very important for every business to protect its exclusive and important data from these threats. To eliminate the risk of data leaks; cybersecurity in Toronto is compulsory for every business. Below, we have mentioned some major effects that are caused by data leaks and how to prevent them if your business gets hit by any of them.

Let’s have a close look at the major effects first:

Major financial loss

Financial loss is one of the most crucial breaches any company can hit by. Depending on the type of leak, there are different kinds of financial losses a company has to deal with. As per the laws, if any business is hit by a data leak. It has to inform its customers as well as the authorities about the leak. In case any business fails to meet the terms of the law, then the business must pay regulatory fines.

Damage to the reputation

Any business which has worked for years to maintain its goodwill in the market and build its customer’s trust will be hit if any of its data gets leaked. There would be a loss of brand reputation as well as a customer’s faith and there are high chances. That they will never come back or have trust in your business again. This could also lead your existing customers to spread negative word of mouth among others.

Operational disturbance

After a business gets hit by a data breach. It requires holding a thorough investigation which will directly affect the business operations. Finding out which systems were used and how it was used can lead to a complete shutdown of the operations until the end of the investigation. This will lead to a negative impact on the clients of your business and there will be a huge loss in revenue.

Legal issues

Another backbreaking effect of a data breach is that your business has to deal with major legal penalties. As in the case of a leak of the personal information of your clients. Your business has to go through extreme legal fines and settlements during and after the investigation process.

Preventive measures to secure your data:

It is mandatory for every business to secure its data more. Data security in Toronto has become an essential part of every business. So that they can eliminate their businesses falling prey to data leaks. Here we have listed some of the proven ways to prevent cybersecurity leaks for your business:

Limit access to valuable data

To create a fair environment, all of the employees are given access to all the data. But, this somehow results in misusing the data. It is always a good move to limit the access of your valuable data to the ones whom you can fully rely upon. This will also prevent misusing the information about your client and company to any of the third-party.

Educate and train employees

You must ensure to educate and train your employees as this will further benefit your own company. You must tell them how to not misuse any of the information provided to them by the clients or the customers. They should always look for privacy and security on a prior basis. You should also sort your data accordingly like confidential data, general data, and so on. And tell the importance of each category to your employees.

Must use encryption

In case your business deals with private data on a regular interval. Then encryption is something you must use for your business. It helps your business to protect sensitive information. End-to-end encryption helps your business to stay safe and eliminate the risk of leaking data to any unwanted source.

Update the software

Updating the software and the operating systems assure. That you are free from malware and viruses that might have attacked the system once. You should also check for regular updates with the help of any security analyzer available in the market.


From the above article, we can conclude that data leaks can cause major destruction to businesses. Falling prey to cyber crimes has become quite popular in recent times, and dealing with that can be very frustrating as well as costly. Before being unable to deal with the problems, as a business owner. You must take preventive measures to avoid any of the data leaks that can be caused to your business.

If you are in search of trustworthy data security services. Then you can always count on Shift IT Solutions, and get world-class data security services in Toronto.