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Countries Where Torrenting Is Completely Legal

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Torrenting Is Completely Legal

Torrenting is one of the fastest-growing ways in which you can share files with others. This method uses the internet as its transfer medium. Torrenting any legal content is legal. However, if you are torrenting copyright sanctioned content, that’s definitely illegal.

Whenever we talk about torrenting, people always link it with illegal content. In fact, many people believe that the whole torrenting method is illegal. 

Whenever we have a conversation with our readers regarding torrenting, there are three questions that we are often asked:

  • Is torrenting safe?
  • Is torrenting legal?
  • What would happen if I got caught torrenting?

Well, hearing these questions time and time again, we have understood one thing clearly that there is a huge misconception about Torrenting among the common people.

So, we decided to create a post that answers these questions. In addition, we will also answer where torrenting is legal.

What Is Torrenting?

Torrenting is an act of uploading and downloading files using the BitTorrent network. The torrenting download does not involve any central server. Instead, it downloads the files from other devices from the network.

Putting it simply, the users upload the files on the torrent network from their devices for the other users to download.

Torrenting is the most popular file-sharing method that uses a peer-to-peer sharing network. It requires the torrent management software to connect with the BitTorrent network and complete the sharing process.

The peer-to-peer file sharing method allows users to access almost any file on the network. For instance, if you are looking for movies that have recently been launched, it is possible to get that on any torrent website.

Don’t believe me! Try visiting thenewpiratebay and see for yourself.

Torrenting Safety & Legality

The consequences of using torrent websites can vary depending on the severity of involvement. It usually ends up in fines and imprisonment for a couple of years.

Every country follows its own set of rules and regulations regarding torrenting, and the consequences are completely dependent on them.

Torrenting is considered illegal because it does not have its own content – Users share their content with other users.

This is the reason why many nations have banned torrenting websites. Although most nations have banned torrent websites for hosting free content, there are nations where torrenting is legal.

List Of Countries Where Torrenting Is Legal

Torrent is viewed as a piracy crime because of them hosting free content. In a world where most countries are protective of copyright laws, there are countries that support torrenting.

1. Mexico

Mexico is the safest place to torrent. This is because their copyright laws are shallow and can even be considered non-existence. Although there are a few pirating laws, most of them have been lagging behind in controlling piracy.

2. Spain

Spain has a simple law surrounding torrent websites and torrent downloading. The law states that you are free to do so as long as you are downloading content from torrent websites for personal consumption. However, the moment you download content from the torrent to make personal gains, it is considered illegal.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland upholds free speech and personal privacy. This allows the user to use torrent legally as long as they use it for personal use. In addition, no one is allowed to monitor your download, as Switzerland values personal privacy.

4. Canada

Canada allows users to use torrent websites and download content. This is because of the freedom citizens share in Canada. The only caveat is that you are prohibited from shaving the logging data of the users.

5. Netherland

Netherland might allow torrenting but is limited compared to the other nations mentioned in the list. It is free as long as you download artwork, literature, and science. However, the moment you start torrenting for financial gains, you might find yourself under a hot roof.

Closing Thoughts

What happens if you are caught Torrenting?

We have already said that torrenting is not illegal, but accessing content sanctioned by the copyright laws.

If you are downloading content that doesn’t fall under copyright laws, you are all OK.

Nothing to fear! 

However, if you are accessing and downloading content with a copyright, you might have to pay a monetary fine or experience imprisonment for a few years.