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Local Business’s Guide to Marketing on Google My Business

If you are a local business that is looking for ways to improve its local business marketing, then Google My Business has got just the right package for you.

In case you were not aware of it before, Google My Business is the best partner for your business online.

If you are unsure on how it applies to your or any business, then let us walk you through the basics here.

What is Google My Business and Why is it Important at All?

It is an interactive tool, which helps you make it easier for your target audience to find you. Google My Business helps you get enlisted in a virtual format, and places important information i.e. your business phone, address, location on Maps, working hours and relevant visuals. 

These features help your business enable access to its target audience. If you are a business, you must want to catch the eye of your customers and even the general internet visitors that have the potential to become your loyal customers in the future.

The best way in the contemporary age is to invest in an interactive tool like Google My Business. Know more about the Googles new ad policy.

Almost 60% of businesses online have a Google My Business profile, which makes their marketing strategy even more enhanced.

Features like the call-to-action button of a ‘phone call’, for businesses that have a Google My Business profile, assists their visitors in directly connecting to the business representatives.

By far, you might have developed a vague idea of how Google My Business can assist your overall marketing strategy.

However, you might still not be clear on how ‘local businesses’ can benefit from Google My Business.

Well, that is what we will clear out for you in this article. Let’s dive in!

1. Google My Business Makes Your Local Business Discoverable

Do you know what is the basic point of Google My Business? To place the most sought information about a business at one specific place. 

For example, in the image given below, you can see that information i.e. phone number, address, a description about the place in question and other relevant aspects are covered.

You must have also noticed that everything is given in a pretty concise manner, which is because of the limited requirement for description put up by Google.

So, due to these specific pieces of information, you become discoverable with the help of Google My Business.

2. Your Local SEO Goes Up!

Think about it like this: when a visitor searches your website, your website traffic increases. 

Now, when you make the location of your business available through Google Maps, then you become discoverable.

Things like, the number of clicks made through the side panel on your screen offered due to your enlistment on Google My Business is the reason why your local SEO improves.

Your local SEO improvement can have a good impact on your overall sales boost because as your business becomes more discoverable, people from your local geographic region notice you.

This act of ‘noticing’ is what eventually leads to the rate of conversion from internet visitors to customers in going higher.

3. Reviews Help You Draw in More Traffic!

Websites like Tripadvisor and Yelp are great but entirely leaving your website visitors to discover reviews from there is like directing your potential website traffic away.

People tend to find it helpful when they see that there are reviews that are accessible straight from the legitimate source aka your own virtual business existence. 

Also, another tip that we would like to give is: Be responsive towards the reviews you receive on your website. This shows that your company values a professional behavior, which can impress the visitors.

In addition to this, if there are questions posted by people, then cater them and make them visible to others, so the traffic can seek help from it.

This can also affect the SEO in a good way, which you will be able to monitor with the help of Insights.

4. As Customers Stay Informed, Your Local Business Marketing Strategy Improves!

This happens because one of the major points of offering relevant information to your customers is to have them stay informed.

You must be thinking: what good can it possibly bring for my business?

Well, marketing works productively when it places specific information in the minds of its potential customers. The point of advertising, from time to time, is to stay in the eyes of the customers. So, if you are in the minds of the customers, that can lead to your customer base becoming stronger.

This is why it is better if your local business marketing strategy benefits with the help of an interactive tool like Google My Business.

As a business, you should definitely try to get your business verified, so that you can use features i.e. Google Post to advertise your business relates images, gifs, and text to users on the internet.

5. Customers Are More Likely to Trust You!

Businesses spend a lot on advertising because they want their consumers to believe that they can possibly deliver value. 

In short, businesses try to build credibility in the eyes of their consumers, which is what Google My Business can help you with.

Studies in recent years have shown that companies that have a Google My Business profile are more likely to gain access to an increased amount of traffic then the ones that don’t have any such profile.

Besides, if your company has a verified Google My Business account, then your businesses have twice as many chances of seeing a boost in sales.

We hope that the reasons provided so far have convinced you to take Google My Business seriously for the sake of enhancing your local business marketing. 

While it can be a bit tricky in the start, it does not certainly mean that it will not prove to be productive for your business sales.

So, if you have not thought about creating a Google My Business profile, then now is the perfect time!