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AC REPAIR in dubai

Air conditioners have become one of the necessities of our lives to combating scorching summers. All of us want to enjoy constant cooling; but as everything has to break down one day, your AC, too, has to slow down eventually and that is when you need to get the best services of Ac repair in Dubai. To keep your AC running uninterruptedly, we need time to time servicing.

We don’t need to miss the signals of calls for reconditioning. These are the 5 unusual signs that your AC sends to you informing that now your AC needs expert technicians:

1. Unusual Noises

Sometimes, your Air Conditioner makes some unusual noises like grinding, squealing, and grating. These noises tell that something is wrong with your AC. When you are sure about the noise that it isn’t the usual sound you must call AC Repair Dubai to prevent any major issue.

2. Unusual Odor

The unusual odour might be an indication of the burning of insulation around the wire if you smell a strong unusual odour from your AC. Sometimes, you also feel a musty smell, it is a sign of growing mould inside the AC unit or maybe something is wrong with the ducts. At this moment you must get reliable AC repair services in Dubai immediately. And if you delay, it may cause bad effects on your health and degrade your AC’s performance.

3. Unusual High Utility Bills:

If you are facing a spike in utility bills, then it is a sign of inefficient operation. The symptoms are likely that the condensing coil has accumulated a lot of debris and dirt which is located inside the outdoor unit.

4. Unusual Performance:

If your AC is not performing well as it used to perform, for instance, the lowest temperature set of AC is not able to lower the room temperature, then this is a sign of help. The expert technicians of Atoz Appliances Repair will help you fixing or replacing the AC unit depends on the current position.

5. Unusual water puddle next to the furnace:

No matter, if the AC operates normally, the unit has to generate moisture in the form of condensate. This water gets collected in a pan and flows out through a pipe either into a floor drain or a condensate sump basin. But when this water gathers a lot, it leads to blockage of the tube.

These are the five signs that inform you to get quick and reliable services AC repair in Dubai.

Ac repair in Dubai
Appliances Repair Dubai

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