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Top 10 Job Portals in India For Fresher & Experienced

Job Portal in India For Fresher

In today’s times finding a job could be a tough task and finding a job that matches your skills is also difficult. Numerous numbers of students are graduating every year with good marks, and want to get into good companies with good jobs but because of this, it becomes more difficult to get a job. Sometimes there may be many jobs available for you but you have to think correctly because there are many more intelligent people around you in this world.

Even in earlier times, job seekers used to circle the classified ads and earlier job seekers used to roam around the companies with their resumes in the hope that they would get the job. Well, now those days are gone.

Top 10 Job Portals in India For Fresher & Experienced

There are lots of job search portals where companies and job recruiters post job vacancies. Job seekers can find a job on these portals based on their qualifications and skills.

Job Portal in India For Fresher

These are the top 10 Job portals where anyone can find a job according to their skills.

Most used Job Portals

  • Indeed
  • Linkedin
  • Apna 
  • Glassdoors


Indeed, with around 250 million visitors per month, Indeed is the world’s best online job portal. There are more than 12000 employees on this website who help people to find jobs. This is an American website that was launched in November 2004. The founders of this website are Paul Forster and Rony Kahan and its CEO is Chris Hymas.

Indeed Job Portal in India For Fresher

Through this website, any user can find government and private jobs according to city, location, and company. Also, with the help of this website, you can find field jobs like Typing, Tuition, Teaching, Nursing, Bank, Police, etc. The services of this website are available in more than 65 languages ​​in more than 70 countries. You can also visit this website to find jobs.


  • Anyone can easily search for jobs by using keywords like title, Industry, and location.
  • Post all types of work such as internship, part-time and freelance.
  • Job seekers can easily upload their resumes to get jobs quickly.
  • Another advantage of using indeed is email alert they notify candidates of their job search in the email box
  • Indeed is free to use and mobile-friendly app.


  • You will have to face high competition for every job on this site.
  • There are numerous exclusive websites posted on indeed’s website, frequently you are redirected to every other site to apply.
  • The consumer interface, in particular the navigation and layout, isn’t as aesthetically attractive as different websites
  • Free job posting moves down in search results and gets disappears over time.


Linkedin is a great platform to find jobs online. Along with a job searching platform, it is also known as a social media platform. Linkedin was founded in May 2005 as a career development and professional networking platform. The application version of this website is also available, with the help of which many companies put up job offers every day. Along with this, users of this app can also apply for jobs by posting themselves.

Linkedin Job Portal in India For Fresher

By February 2022, the platform had 810+ million registered users from 200 countries. This is the best platform to find a private job with a good salary at present time. The founders of this website are Reid Hoffman and Eric Ly and its CEO is Ryan Roslansky. More than 18000 employees are working on this platform to help you find jobs. 


  • The biggest advantage of having a LinkedIn profile is that there is a gateway to employment opportunities across the world.
  • The new feature of this app is the Skill assessment Tab, which requires you to show enough knowledge for the skills you put in.
  • Job seekers can look for a job according to their matching skills.
  • Another advantage of using LinkedIn is daily job alerts they notify candidates of their job searches in the email box.
  • Linkedin allows users to create connections with professional companies and industries


  • You will get tons of fraud and spam messages from recruiters, seekers, and employers just to get money.
  • Linkedin’s premium package can be costly to use because good things don’t get at a cheap price. 
  • Users have to face trouble while filling in their profile details due to reasons on LinkedIn.
  • Linkedin’s company is very slow to respond if you ask for any help or support is a global job search engine website powered by Monster Worldwide Inc. This website was started in January 1999 and its founder is Jeff Taylor. This website is also easily available in the application version for use on mobile phones. If you are also looking for a job then you should definitely visit this website.

To get the job, create your account on this website and submit your resume. On this site, candidates can filter their choice according to their preferred job location and many other things

On 9 August 2016, Monster was acquired by Randstad Holding, an Amsterdam-based human resources and recruitment specialist, for $429 million in cash. Following the completion of the transaction, its shares were delisted from the NYSE, trading under the ticker symbol ‘MWW’.


  • Job seekers or other employers can site for free.
  • There’s no setup fee for employers.
  • Mobile-friendly app and simple to use.
  • The other feature that the Monster app offers is Beknown app for Facebook which helps you find professional connections among your Facebook friends you already have.
  • Job searchers can easily upload their resumes for a free assessment.


  • The mobile app is available only for job seekers.
  • You will have to face spam messages.
  • Sometimes its interface feels old and outdated.
  • Users have to pay to use the service.

Started in March 1997, is India’s oldest and most widely used online job portal. The founder of this website is Sanjeev Bhikhchandani and at present, its CEO is Hitesh Oberoi. The headquarter of this online job searching website is located in Noida. This website was started with the aim of helping people to find jobs online. Job Portal in India For Fresher

Through, any person can find a job according to their education qualification. Also, you can also find available jobs in your nearby location. Through this website, a person can find jobs in fields like BP, IT, Marketing, Banking, Accounting, Manufacturing, Sales, teaching, and HR. 15000 resumes are submitted daily on this website.


  • You can apply for many jobs with a single click.
  • is now available for mobile also so users can easily apply for jobs from their phones.
  • Best jobs are delivered to your email box.
  • Increase your resume views by up to 3x
  • Be Eligible for Unannounced Vacancies with Headhunters


  • Fewer salary packages are available.
  • Less face-to-face interaction.
  • Users have to handle fake calls and messages by fraud people.
  • Fake jobs could be uploaded by consultants to charge money.

In today’s time, Relevel is in a lot of discussions because this platform assures people to provide a job with a great salary package in 15 days. Jobs are posted on this platform by more than 800 companies like OLA, Cars24, Upgrade, Cred, Paytm, Xiaomi, and Spinny. It is much easier to get a job from the relative platform.

You have to clear a Relevel test from this platform. As soon as you clear the test, after that, you have to give an interview. The job is given to you on the basis of test and interview scores. Along with this, this platform also allows its users to do some premium online courses. Relevel started in May 2021 by Shashank Murali.


  • Provides job with a great salary package
  • Jobs are posted by more than 800 popular companies.
  • Job seekers can easily find a job.
  • Slows users to do premium online courses.


  • Users have to clear a test to give an interview.
  • Sometimes Users will Have to handle fake recruiters for money.
  • Expensive premium courses.


Apna is a professional job portals with more than 50 lakh jobs available in 70+ different cities. also has an application version through which it is easier to find jobs. If a person wants, with the help of this platform, a person can also find a job for himself and can also post a job for others. Jobs are posted by more than 200000 companies on this platform.

Apna Job Portal in India For Fresher

Categories of jobs like Work From Home, Part Time Jobs, Job For Men, Job For Women, Job For Freshers, etc can be found with the help of this website. Nirmit Parikh is the founder and CEO of Apna App. This job platform was started in 2019. Apart from this, the interface of the app is quite simple, due to which it is very easy to use.


  • More than 50 lakhs jobs are available in different cities.
  • Freshers can also apply for jobs.
  • Jobs are posted by numerous companies on this platform so job seekers can easily get a job here.
  • The mobile-friendly app which is easier to find jobs.
  • Provide a feature that you can directly talk to HR.


  • Users have to beware of spam and fraud calls.
  •  Users have to face trouble while filling in their profile details due to some reason.


Founded in 2007 to find online jobs, Glassdoor is an American job search engine founded by Robert Hohman, Tim Besse, and Rich Barton. Later in 2018, it was bought by the company firm Recruit Holdings. You can use this website on smartphones, laptops, and computers. This is a very good platform to find different types of private jobs.

For using the Glassdoors portal to find jobs, you could create a profile, upload your resume, and sign on for email alerts to obtain a curated list of job possibilities. You can additionally browse lively listings with the use of the website’s search bar.

In every task listing, you’ll see statistics approximately the placement and a way to observe, a business enterprise overview, anonymous rankings, and evaluations of the agency and its CEO, as well as salary and profitable record.


  • Free for people who are searching for jobs.
  • Users can easily see salary and other information.
  • Job seekers can easily get information about companies.
  • Easy to find jobs to your criteria.


  • The search option doesn’t work smoothly.
  • Sign up process is a little time consuming
  • The result page doesn’t get refreshed so easily once you apply new filters

Next on the list comes, this portal is considered to be the second-largest online job search platform and was started in 2008. More than 4 crore candidates have got jobs of their choice through this platform. More than 5,00,000 jobs are available on this platform. The platform also provides services of premium courses online.

Zairus Master is the CEO of and its headquarters is located at UNITECH CYBER PARK, Tower C, 9th Floor, Sector 39, Gurugram, Haryana 122001. portal is safe and trustworthy for its users, Job seekers can easily find a job based on their educational qualifications without any fraud communication.


  • Users Can get a job of their choice through this platform.
  • It is safe and trustworthy for users.
  • Provide services for premium courses
  • Jobs are posted from different platforms.


  • Premium online courses are expensive 
  • Users could have to face some errors while login. 
  • Malfunctions due to overloading of participants.
  •  Expensive to buy for the first time.

This website is considered to be the best website for job searching in India. This website was started in the year 2006. Through this website, more than 300,000 resumes added per month from graduates in admission sites across the country. So you can get an idea of how reliable this website is. Job Portal in India For Fresher

This website is completely safe and at the same time reliable because about three lakhs resumes from India are added to this website every year.

This website provides very good quality for job searching and also works without any extra charge.


  • Provides good quality for job search.
  • Completely safe and reliable.
  • Easily look for a job matching your criteria.
  • Upload your resume to get a job quickly


  • Users have to beware of spam and fraud calls.
  • Fraud calls can ask you for money.
  • You have to pay for using this service.

Through the Timesjob portal jobs searched in all sectors. It can prove to be a very good website for job providers. This website started in the year 2004. This website solves the problems of more than 20000 flawless jobs in India.

You may also have to pay some fee according to the job to use this website.

The fee charged through this website is more direct, that is, the website also adds its fee to you in the fee of the job itself, so that you feel that this website is absolutely free.


  • Times job is a very good job provider site.
  • Jobs are posted by multiple companies.
  • Job seekers can easily and simply find a job.


  • You may have to pay a fee to use this website.
  • Spam jobs are posted.
  • Fraud people can call you multiple times in a day and ask you for money