Best 7 Part-Time Jobs that you can do from Home in 2021

Adapting to the new norm in a new year

Post-pandemic, as jobs and education have shifted from being physically present to sitting behind a screen, many are trying to make the transition to ensure that they roll with the punches. As time goes, changes are inevitable and it is essential for everyone to adapt and adjust.

For every clueless human being out there about the possible part-time job opportunities, here are 7 best part-time jobs that you can consider taking up in this year, 2021!


Part-time tutoring is one of the best part-time jobs that people can take up as the demand for it is always present and one can make a reasonable salary out of that job.

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Online tuition especially, has become popular among students as online learning is convenient and it is promising in its outcomes for exam grades as well. Part-time tutoring has its own pros and cons but this is one of the safest options as there are plenty of tuition agencies in Singapore that take up part-time tutors and assign them students according to student’s needs and tutor’s preferences.


Making an income out of selling things has become a viable option for part-time job as it is reasonably profitable. Platforms like carousell are becoming famous as it provides good deals and people can look up for their favourite items with ease. Today, this app is in 7 countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan and has about 71 million sales.


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If you are truly interested in fitness and health, working at the front-desk at a yoga centre or fitness studio could be a good part-time job. This job will be a convenient option as it allows for a reasonable amount of income to come in and it might be a field that resonates with you.

The familiarity and interest will keep you going even when challenges arise in the job!


This can be done entirely online and may only require your physical presence if you work with a team and require to conduct meetings to discuss content, SEO strategies, etc. The fact that it is done online from the convenience of home is in itself a huge advantage.

Moreover, if you are an undergraduate student or even a degree holder, you can write content which is based on your area of expertise and your experience to provide meaningful insights which inspire and educate readers. It serves a good purpose and inspires others!


If you are an extrovert who is energetic and amicable, you can consider working as a brand ambassador for a local start-up or business. You might take part in different areas of the job such as email and content marketing, social media, distribution of flyers to promote events, and attending events as well.

This will provide ample amount of experience and a reasonable amount of income so those who think they can explore this area should consider it.


This is essentially a performance-based marketing. Whereby affiliates are paid for every customer brought marketing strategies and efforts. This may seem complex initially but once the structure of this is understood, things get easier over time with more and more experience.

This essentially uses third parties to drive sales to the retailer and some amount of research and effort has to go in to get the work done. Most importantly, you need to be passionate about what you do.


There are many start-up businesses that have newly launched their websites and it’s no doubt that content writers are essential to generate web traffic. Content writing can be an arduous job, especially in the initial stages when the website has to try to reach the limelight. Once stabilized, things get a little less complex but the necessary effort has to be put in and good strategies have to be implemented to get things going!

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