Increase traffic to the site the best strategies to do it

The purpose of each webmaster is simply one: to try to improve the positioning of the site and increase traffic.

For these reasons, all the tools that are available to SEO are used to better position the site, promote its authoritativeness and improve its position on Google.

Ways to Increase traffic

Today it is not as simple as it used to be on Google, because the search engine algorithms have changed, but there are techniques that are always valid.

The link building, for example, is a still very-useful tool to position the site, but be careful to create only links that seem entirely natural and choose good sites that host them.

The SEO even before is a necessary tool that anyone wishing to place the site on Google must know and keep studying.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, that is, a search engine positioning strategy that allows a site to be found more easily on the web.

The SEO activities then allow it to index and place in the SERP search engine a website, to make it easy to find anyone doing a search with certain keywords. A widely used and very useful SEO technique is link building.

What is link building and how is it done?

When we talk about link building we refer to that complex of strategies. That allows you to obtain a series of links to your site hosted on external sites. This is a very important job that is part of off-page SEO. That is SEO techniques that work ‘outside’ of your website.

The link building, when done well, allows a site to be placed in the best of Google and be found more easily, with all the advantages of the case. Not only that: link building allows you to make your site more authoritative in the eyes of Google and also increases potential user traffic.

Based on these assumptions, it is a really important SEO strategy: but how can you best pursue it, without penalties?

Link Building Requirements

The link building requires attention and above all. We must choose good sites where to accommodate the links to avoid that Google may penalize you.

We must, therefore, choose only authoritative sites were to make link building perhaps through the guest posting technique. As Google when evaluating the quality of a link takes into account:

  • Both of the Rank, that is the authoritativeness of the site hosting the link
  • Both of the consistency between the theme of your site and that of the site hosting your link. Consequently, it is necessary to choose sites useful for cause and possibly treat the same issues as yours.

Link building stages

There are several stages in the link building strategy :

  • Link Profile: first of all you must summarize each backlink that leads to your site. Through a report to analyze the types of backlinks.
  • Link Research. This is the search for all the authoritative and relevant sites on your theme. On which you could potentially publish backlinks. Choose a list of trusted sites and contact the owners to discuss inserting your link.
  • Content production. Obviously the link must be inserted inside an article, a guide, pdf, e-book, interview: therefore you must produce such content.
  • Check backlinks. The link building campaign must also include continuous link monitoring to evaluate. Whether your positioning has actually improved and whether Google traffic or Increase traffic has also increased.

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