Important Law Terms To Understand

The field of law is complex, with many different fields, such as criminal and civil law, which are very different by nature. Most people will require legal services at some point in their life and with that in mind, here are some Law terms along with their meanings.

Important Law Terms To Understand

Important Law Terms To Understand

De Facto

This is a term used to describe something that exists, although not in an official manner. A De Facto relationship is a good example; although not married, the relationship exists.


When you are seeking legal advice, this is called ‘counsel’ and in every legal situation, it is important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. If, for example, you were arrested, you would want to seek out an international law firm in Thailand or in the country where you are currently located, before making any statement or saying anything that might incriminate you.


A term that means settling any kind of legal issue using the court’s system. This could involve criminal or civil proceedings. A litigation lawyer is well-versed with such a system and would specialize in one field of litigation law. A civil case, for example, might be a customer claiming compensation for a failed product, a personal debt that has dragged on, or even claiming for personal injury in an auto accident.


To depose is to give testimony under oath. This would be a time for the opposition to cross-examine the witness, and there are very strict rules regarding the cross-examination.


A writ is a legal order to do or not to do something, which can be obtained in a civil law case.

No Win-No Fee

As the term suggests, you have nothing to pay if you lose your case. Some lawyers use this system when they feel the client has a strong case and it is a reflection of their chances of success.


The act of doing something wrong, which might be legally or morally wrong, or even both. This term is used in the healthcare lawsuit to describe the actions of a health professional, which resulted in injury to the patient. Negligence is another term used for the improper conduct of a health professional when patients win millions of dollars due to medical malfeasance.

Punitive Damages

This is a form of punishment for a person who has caused personal injury with malice and it is often added to personal injury compensation in a court. It is designed to be a deterrent as well as punish the offender. With a top lawyer in your corner, you could receive extra payment with punitive damages.

Out Of Court Settlement

Of course, the time for a court is very precious and in the majority of cases with civil litigation, both sides reach an agreement through their respective lawyers. Your lawyer might advise you to settle out of court, which would keep your costs down and avoid having to waste the court’s time.

Litigation is more common than you might think and should you ever need the services of a lawyer, Google can help you source a local law firm that specializes in the field you need.

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