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Home » Reasons Why Your Driving License May Be Suspended Or Revoked?

Reasons Why Your Driving License May Be Suspended Or Revoked?

Reasons Why Your Driving License May Be Suspended Or Revoked

It never clicks the mind of drivers on losing their driving license while speeding or violating traffic rules. There are so many reasons why one may get their driver’s license suspended or revoked. One of them is Dui’s conviction. Getting convicted for Dui in California is a criminal offense. You may be subjected to penalties such as fines or jail terms.

Among other harsher penalties is losing your driving privileges. The worst is that you can get your driving license suspended even before your case has moved on to court. Thus, it makes all the sense to understand how you may lose your driving privilege and how you can protect yourself from being convicted.

What Will Trigger Your License To Be Suspended?

Anyone whose license has been suspended or revoked can tell the importance of hiring a defense lawyer. This is vital for those who want the best outcome for their case. Other than the Dui conviction, other ways in which one may lose their driving privilege in California include:

  • Points on your driving license: You may be denied the right to drive if your points add up during a specific period.
  • Multiple violations: If you have been convicted for more than three convictions, be sure that your driving license will be suspended. However, before your license is taken up, you may be required to have a DMV hearing in which you should ensure to be prepared to ensure your license is not suspended. With the help of your defense lawyer, you may:
  • Explain why you think some of the tickets should not have been issued. You should ensure to give reasons why you opted out of fighting against your right at that moment. To ensure you keep your points low, you may opt to learn the strategies for keeping your traffic ticket low.
  • Raise the argument of being unable to report to work or attend to your sick family member
  • Prove that you use your vehicle almost daily. This may be proved by the number of miles you drive per day.
  • Promise to adopt new ways of driving carefully
  • Driving without a license: This may warrant the DMV to suspend your license. It is illegal to drive without a driving license or evidence of financial responsibility. In addition to this, you may have your car impounded.

Having Your License Suspended For Dui

Loss of driving privilege due to Dui-related consequences is one of the main reasons why many drivers do everything to evade Dui charges. If you have been convicted for a first-time offense Dui, you may get your license suspended for six months. However, you can continue driving if you’re granted an IID-restricted license. This is a breathalyzer that stops your car every time you drink and drive. If you agree to install an ignition interlock device, then the DMV may allow you to drive.

Second-time Dui offense is subjected to two years license suspension while a third Dui offense attracts a year’s license suspension. If you have been convicted of Dui, the best way to ensure you’re aware of your case’s strengths and weaknesses is to hire the best Dui attorney in Los Angeles to fight for your suspended license.

Getting a restricted license is expensive, but the fact that you may face challenges while trying to get to work or run your normal errands, makes you seek to acquire one. If your license is suspended and you continue to drive, this may result in severe penalties. However, for the crime to be charged, the prosecutor must prove that as a defendant:

  • You drove while on a suspended license
  • You knew that your license was suspended

The procedure that leads to license suspension may be different in California compared to other states. That’s why a driver should not dare walk to a DMV hearing without legal representation. With effective representation, you may have your charges reduced or dismissed.  

Unless you prevail at your DMV hearing, your license is bound to be suspended. Remember that you need to request your DMV hearing; if this doesn’t happen, you may have your license suspended even if your case is still pending in court. The success of your case at your DMV hearing will depend on whether:

  • There was any reasonable ground for your arrest
  • You had prior convictions for Dui
  • You refused to submit to BAC tests or field sobriety tests
  • Your BAC revealed was 0.08% or more

If you consider the consequences of Dui charges, you may choose to consult an attorney to help you in your license suspension hearing. You need to retain your driving privilege while your case is ongoing. Depending on your hearing’s circumstances, your attorney may guide you in obtaining a hardship license that can help you run your normal errands but in a restricted way. Also, Ticket Snipers will help you take the necessary steps needed to reinstate your driving privilege.