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How to Dry your Hair with a Hairdryer?

Hair with an effect and without a hint of frizz on the horizon is the No. 1 desire of women. We investigated what to do to achieve the result together with a backstage insider. If women traditionally dedicate an evening to shampooing their hair to have them perfect when needed, it is obvious that the procedure is not a trivial matter, especially since it includes the styling phase, and therefore hairdryers, blow dryers, brushes, and various accessories.

This is, in fact, the most insidious moment, when dangers such as frizz, opacity, and crease. That does not hold arise around the corner. For Italian women, according to a survey conducted by Xiaomi. A world leader in technology with hundreds of products also for hair care. This moment is not exactly among the favorites

41% of the interviewees, in fact, if they could, would gladly save themselves. The boredom of drying them and for 38% it is even a big nuisance. Most of those consulted (52%) take between 10 and 20 minutes to dry their hair, 32% between 5 and 10 minutes, and a scant 11% (probably with a shorter cut) never exceed 5 minutes.

Understand how to dry your hair at home with the aim of being “shiny as a mirror and smooth as silk”. We asked Igor Rago, artistic director of Italia, the brand. That has curated the look of many stars at the recent Grammys on an international level. Awards, including Camila Cabello, Lana Del Rey, Lizzo, and Rosalia.


“The position of the strands is of great importance. They must be positioned at 45 degrees and the hair dryer must also have the same angle. If you take larger portions it improves the quality of the texture. Because the air is distributed more widely and with this inclination close the cuticles. A rule to apply for both a wavy and a smooth style ».

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“Drying should never start from the hair dripping with water, but towel-dried. Because if they are too wet they become less elastic and can break earlier. It is important to dab them from excess water even before untangling them, preferably after applying a leave-in spray conditioner “.

«The brush also has its importance, a Paddle Brush with shaped teeth that do not get entangled. Because they are soft and that bend when they find the knot, without opposing resistance, is to are preferred. This brush is also perfect for a smooth style. Put it under the lock and run the hair with the hairdryer at 45 degrees until it is totally dry.

How to Dry Your Hair with a Hairdryer?

The brush for the wavy crease must be of the round ceramic ones, it guarantees an extra glossy effect because it overheats so that the ceramic emits ions. A process that gives brightness to the hair: it makes it appear shinier because it closes the cuticles. The Ceramic Brush should be placed under the lock, making a 45-degree projection together with the hairdryer.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a more active shape. You can dry your hair completely with a hairdryer, using only your hands as a comb. When that 10% is missing, take macro sections of 3 or 4 centimeters. And wrap the tips up to half-length as if it were a curler.

Dry for 8 or 10 seconds, then give yourself a blow with cold air, unroll the lock, brush and reshape the curl with your fingers, to have a wavy and soft tip. A wave or curl that resists requires a brush stroke three times, keeping the hair dryer pointed for 12 seconds.

To remove frizz or fluttering it is important to always keep the hair compact, crushing it and never drying it upside down or opening the locks. Never, then, dry them too much because they become hard and electrified.

Never rest the nozzle of the hairdryer on your hair, not only because the hairdryer is blocked but also because it burns.