How to Choose an Agency for Telecommunication Software Development?

Telecommunication software is essential for many businesses to function, and sadly, designing one for a company is a complicated and complex endeavor. What complicated your efforts further is that not many agencies have experience developing telecommunication software. 

Choose an Agency for Telecommunication Software Development

So, among all these significant hurdles, how can you find the right agency to handle telco software development properly? This is the question that you need to answer if you want your project to succeed, and we are here to help you. We’re going to go into some things you need to pay particular attention to when choosing an agency for telco software development. 

#1 How Much Experience Does an Agency Have with Telecom Development?

Telecommunication software development is very different from the development of an app or a website. There are very few skills that would carry over between the two. They are entirely different beasts. That’s why, for telecom software more than any other, you need to make sure the agency you’re working with has the skills and expertise necessary to handle your project. 

You can go about this in a few ways: is the agency showcasing any telecommunication software in their portfolio? Does their website touch on telecom software development? Have they worked with large clients to develop telecom solutions? These are all ways to gauge how suitable an agency is for your project. 

#2 How Much Does the Agency Care about Security?

You don’t need us to tell you how paramount security is in telecom software. Since telecom software usually works through the internet, it is extremely vulnerable to attack, and you need a competent agency that knows its stuff if you don’t want your project to flop. Insecure telecom software is useless. 

How does the agency approach security? What does their security QA look like? What protocols, software, encryption, etc. do they use? How do they create different permissions in the software? These are all critical questions that an agency needs to be able to readily answer if they are to be trusted with developing proper telecom software. 

#3 How much Does an Agency Care about Using Cutting-edge Technology? 

Performance in telecom software is extremely important. A lot of telecom software programs need to transfer and process data in real-time, and this can be extremely hard to develop and optimize. Designing an app that transfers and processes large amounts of data isn’t designing a website that displays some information statically, not even remotely close. 

That’s why you need an agency that uses cutting-edge technology to give your software project the edge it needs to be able to compete with the competitors. Does the agency share its tech stack? How up-to-date is it? Are they going to use cutting-edge technology if you specifically ask for it in your project? These are all important questions to ask about this. 

#4 How Much Support Will the Agency Provide? 

Telecommunication software generally requires maintenance for it to properly function over a period of years. Without maintenance and support, a telecom software program can become useless quite quickly. And it falls to the agency to provide the necessary support or infrastructure necessary for the upkeep of the telecom software. There are two approaches, here: 

  • The agency can provide long-term support and stay responsible for the maintenance and support after the deployment of the telecom software. This is something many competent agencies provide. 
  • The agency can train your in-house team: if you have your own IT team or you’re planning on building one. Agencies often also provide training to your in-house team. So they can properly maintain the software and support the company when any troubleshooting needs arise. 

A good software house provides a combination of both, and this is something you should check out before choosing an agency. 

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