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7 Website Design Hacks for Better Website Conversion

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When a person visiting your website design completes a pre-determined action that is called a conversion. In broader terms, if the person after visiting the site makes a purchase it’s called website conversion. You may spend countless hours making your website content-rich, include all the right graphics and icons but if it’s suffering from a low conversion rate the whole point of the effort then gets lost.

Seven Design Hacks for Better Website Conversion

Phoenix web developers know the importance of conversion and hence build the site keeping using techniques that help increase it. If you are someone who recently launched a site and not getting favorable conversion, then the following design hacks are for you.

1. Keep it Simple:

One of the biggest reasons for a low conversion rate is a complicated design. Your website can have all the relevant content but if the visitor has to search for it, or it takes time to reach it, then chances are they are never going to visit your site again. Keep the design simple and all the relevant information should be placed where it is easy to locate.

2. Mobile Friendly:

When designing a website, keep in mind that most people will be accessing it through their smartphones. If the website is not mobile-friendly, then your site is sure to suffer from a low conversion rate. Make it friendly for all hand-held devices.   

3. Call to Action:

Usually, the conversion rate depends on how many people click the call-to-action button (CTA). CTA can be about anything from subscribing to weekly letters to asking to buy an item of the day. If these buttons don’t appear on the first page or do not capture the attention of the visitor, then it results in low conversion. Include attractive and visible CTA’s to give your website a better chance.

4. Click Fatigue:

This is for the consumer websites, if a customer has to go through a lengthy process to make a purchase, chances are almost 50% will just walk away. In the case of selling websites, it’s better to make the purchase process as simple as possible and allow guest checkouts.

5. Responsive:

As mentioned above, most people visit sites on their mobiles and if the site is not responsive or takes time to load, then almost 40% of visitors will just leave. To avoid this, run your website on different testing software and optimize its loading speed. 

6. Graphics and Icons:

Poor graphics choice or dull icon colors might be the reason your website is seeing low conversion. Remember you have to attract people and, vibrant colors and exquisite graphics always attract the right traffic. Don’t shy away from including graphics and icons that can hold their attention.

7. Improve Content:

This might be the only reason why your website has a low conversion. Relevant and quality content will keep the visitor interested and they will stay on your website longer. Hire a web-writer who can write content for your website, you will see a measurable improvement in the conversion rate.

Website design has evolved over the years and if you want your business to stay relevant, you need to invest in the new designs. Innovative design hacks will improve the conversion rates and make your business visible to the audiences.