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Benefits Of Animated Videos For The Success Of Your Business

Reasons Why Animated Videos For Business Success

An average person spends around ten to twenty seconds on a business page. Have you ever imagined your audience will leave more quickly if they don’t find your website appealing enough to stay for longer? So, why don’t you use animated video for business success?

Among many reasons why users leave a page, one is a lack of images and video that is responsible for making it more tempting. Once you gain Instagram followers on a business account, the next step is to create and post content that will increase user engagement and get them to comment, like, and share your posts. This is possible with a short animation. An animated video is a creative tool which enables marketers to define the purpose, goal, and objectives behind your business.

10 Hidden Reasons Why Animated Videos For Business Success

Reasons Why Animated Videos For Business Success

1.     You Stand Out From The Crowd

Who doesn’t like better visibility and broader online exposure? If you decided to add several types of animated videos for business success and social media platforms, chances are higher for you to score better with search engines as compared to your industry rivals. If they are stuck up with the old methods of brand endorsement, you shouldn’t do it the same.

An animated video on your home page helps the audience to get a hold of your product or service. This is a proven method to make them get interested in your brand, and eventually, they will end up placing an order.

2.     Better Engagement With Audience

The famous saying ‘picture says louder than words’ is valid for most of us. By creating beautiful animations with vibrant colors, you say much more about your brand in mere moments. They are a powerful tool because it allows the audience to grasp all the essential information about your brand or products in one go without the need to read lengthy content.  

Moreover, when you are using videos, you have the flexibility to educate, inform, and amaze your customers at the same time.

3.     More Searchable and Shareable

Evidence suggests that people are more likely to search, watch, and share animated videos as compared to written posts. Videos can be easily searched online on search engines, and this is how your target audience will get to know more about you. They can be shared within no time on various social media platforms.

This is the primary reason why more businesses are focused on making explainer videos as part of their digital marketing strategy. Within the scope of animation, you can show creativity combined with humor and imagination.

4.     Animations Are Easy To Recall

Do you remember the last time you read a length brochure of a company or web pages full of content? Businesses that don’t follow the school day approach to branding use animated video content which is supposed to improve the recall rate by 80%. It’s shocking, but true that videos create a long-lasting impression that wordy advertisements cannot.

I still remember a location tracking app, because I saw it through an animated video. Thus, animated videos play an important role if want someone to keep you in their mind.

5.     Higher Priority in Search Engines

Videos are generally good SEO promoter and help you to be on the top of the Google page. We all know that nobody scrolls past the second or third page. Don’t think that the first page is Google is reserved for big multinational brands.

If you are a small company, so what! You can achieve your goals by getting superb animated videos.  Our most loved search engine Google likes videos more give them higher ranks. In fact, you’ll get 53 times better ranks on Google for animated videos as compared to the plain textual piece of writing. For instance, using animated videos to make your users understand advance mobile application development will help you gain good value in search engines.

6.     Build Powerful Branding

Stunning animated marketing videos and short clips are important tools that enable brands to make powerful connections with people. When you give your audience something unique and extraordinary every time, then a fantastic response is expected. With animated branding, you can tell your customers what they should expect from you and how you are different from others in the market.

7.     It is Your Call-To-Action

Marketing messages are nothing without a CTA. Animated videos are marketing messages that include a call-to-action. It is an action that you want your audience to make as soon as the video ends. Explainer animated videos are efficient with creating a robust call-to-action, which eventually leads to an impressive sales graph.

8.     Instant Feedbacks

Because people prefer to watch small animated videos rather than reading long paragraphs, businesses get immediate feedback when they post animated clips.  Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube, your video can find a spot in all these platforms where viewers have the option to give their review and feedback on your video.

We guarantee that if people like your animated video, it would take no time to make your business a top hit.

9.     High Conversion Rates

By adding animated business videos on your website and social media pages, you can improve your conversion rates. No matter if you are a clothing brand that sells Premium Jackets or a furniture brand, animated videos will help your customers to relate with your brand like no other medium. With animated videos, you are all set to achieve your business goals. You can convey your brand image and message straightforwardly.

10. High Return on Investment (ROI)

With better conversion rates, you are going to get a high return on your investment. Animated videos create more engagement between the brand and potential customers. You can produce a few awesome videos to make sure that your audiences are glued to your brand. Videos create not only awareness and engagement, but also sales. All of this results in better ROI. 

Final Thoughts

Adding compelling animated videos to your sites and pages is the easiest way to get massive attention and get your brand message conveyed honestly. We advise you to incorporate this animated video strategy and enjoy the countless benefits for the growth of your business.