3 SEO Google Algorithms that are Still Relevant in 2020

The search index can be used for data retrieval by a complex system known as Google’s algorithm.

Algorithms of this search engine are changing constantly.

What is the reason behind the change in the algorithm of search engine? Obtaining better results while searching is the goal of making changes in Google’s algorithm. However, webmasters are unaware of what steps should be taken by them.

Also, search engine may want to change certain parameters. These are not known to anybody.

The search engine results pages can have several web pages whose relevant ranking can be delivered by a large number of ranking signals and a lot of algorithms used by search engine. 

Nowadays most of the SEOs are searching for the newest update in the search engine’s algorithm.

Each year a large number of updates in the search engine algorithm occur but only some of them influence the search engine results pages.

Now I am going to tell you 3 SEO Google Algorithms that are still relevant in 2020.

1. Google Penguin update – There will be a huge impact on the industry if we use an algorithm known as Google Penguin update. Link building has been transformed by the Google Penguin update. Several other websites can send backlinks to your site and internal linking within the site can also be done with Penguin update.

As compared to Google Panda update the search result’s percentage will be very low if we do backlinking, internal and external linking with the help of Google penguin update. The linking opportunities as seen by the search engine have been changed virtually with this update.

2. Google Panda update – In 2011 Google panda update took place. Various ways by which long tail keywords can be targeted is taken into consideration by the Panda update.

A single page can have several niche pages combined together if websites are given the choice of using long tail keywords. Because of the information contained in those niche pages the complete single page will have a higher keyword ranking. Because of full indexation better page rankings were achieved through long tail keywords. 

In the online world SEO started changing at a greater rate with the coming of Google Panda update.

3. Google Florida update – In 2003 Google Florida update took place. The tactics of doing SEO and SEO’s future were impacted with it greatly. Here the keywords have used filters and as a result of this the website’s ranking position was revolutionized completely by means of Florida update.

Meta descriptions, title tags and several other SEO tactics can be implemented on the website and their rankings can be improved by activating the search terms as a result of Florida update. The root words are as important as the keywords. Adding similar phrases with root words and assessing them was involved in the process of indexing by search engine.

Your website can get higher ranking by several opportunities like backlinking, internal linking and external linking as provided by Florida update.

An indexing process is used to link sites to search engine and on this basis a rank is given to the website by the search engine.

Why is it important to understand Google algorithm updates?

If you want to index web pages and websites then all the components necessary for it are given in a checklist given by B2B businesses in the history of search engine algorithm. As an example, it has been found that the updates in the search engine algorithm that are so much important are Penguin, Panda and Florida.

If you want to optimize a website in a right way then its SEO checklist as a result of updates will look like as given below:

  • SEO has to make sure that the good ranking of a web page will result because of keyword search volume.
  • Meta descriptions and title tags should have the keywords implemented by SEO.
  • Several similar phrases can be got by means of root keywords.
  • Opportunities of backlinking, internal linking and external linking must be understood.
  • Large number of overarching pages and less number of niche pages are allowed by long tail keywords.

The updates of search engine algorithms are very important and this can be understood by the fact that optimization of web pages was considered as crucial by SEO tactics as mentioned above.

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