Steps For Increasing The Checkout Conversions Of Your E-Commerce Store

Cart abandonment is a battle that every e-commerce store has to fight, whether big or small.

The real head-scratcher is why customers are leaving your website without making a purchase. Especially when they have made an effort to browse your website and select the products they want to purchase. And more importantly, what can you do to stop that from happening?

One thing that comes immediately to mind is, having a seamless checkout process and providing a safe online payment platform. This is guaranteed to shoot up your conversion rates.

Here we will discuss ways that you can start implementing right now to improve your e-commerce website’s conversions:

1. Ensure your customers’ safety

Online payment platforms often come across as risky. Hence, it is your duty to make sure your customers feel safe about the payment process. Once word gets out that your website is safe to use, customers will let their guard down and flock to your website to buy your products.

Here is how you can achieve their confidence:

  • Provide a refund option: A refund option means that the customer would not be afraid to get stuck with a faulty product. Even if they want to return the item because they simply changed their mind, they should have the option to do so. By clearly defining a return policy, you encourage the customer to choose your website for their needs.
  • Integration with multiple payment options: Match your step with the changes the online payment world is going through. Statistics show that with 41.8 percent of global e-commerce payment transactions, digital wallets are the most popular online payment method worldwide. So, other than the traditional modes like credit and debit cards, integrate your online payment platform with other more convenient options like e-wallets.
  • Keep rolling out exciting offers and coupons: Apprise customers about valid coupons and offers during the payment process. Create a seamless experience for customers to redeem these coupons or offers.

2. Build a trustworthy brand

It is difficult for customers to trust newly established websites. Follow these tips to give your customers a sense of transparency and start building the foundation of trust with them:

  • Vibrant and responsive social media presence: Social media presence is imperative for generating leads and gaining trust. As a new website, work toward getting your social media handles verified. This will enable your payment e-commerce store to earn credibility. Apart from regularly posting informative content on your social media handles, you should also share genuine testimonials, video or otherwise, offered by your customers. You must also engage with the community you hope to build by participating in the comment section, responding to customer complaints, and avoiding censorship of feedback.
  • Encourage user reviews: Give potential customers a chance to see the great service your company provides. Reviews are an excellent way of reeling in prospective customers on the edge of making the final purchase. Even negative reviews can do you good if you know how to handle them. Instead of removing them, engage with irate customers and resolve their issues. This would incentivize them to highlight that your team has been helpful.
  • Engage credible social media influencers to run contests: Who doesn’t love a discount? You could craft and execute attractive contests on social media platforms by engaging influencers. Ensure that the winners receive their rewards and promote the same across social media handles. This will boost your website’s credibility.
  • Redirect to the relevant pages directly: As mentioned earlier, a seamless and secure payment method is the backbone of any e-commerce platform. Create an optimal payment page with useful redirections to helpline numbers, chatbots, social media handles, and the FAQ section.

3. Use alerts and reminders to create urgency

Alerts and reminders can drive users to take suitable actions. You could use psychological triggers like:

  • Item going out of stock? Send an alert to the customer that their cart item is about to vanish.
  • Notify your customers about discount coupons and other offers your website is offering. Create a sense of urgency by attaching a time limit.
  • Introduce exciting rewards and offers at the time of checkout for future purchases.
  • Send pop-up notifications for items that they might like.

4. Have an efficient risk management setup

Data security is a top priority for all online shoppers. Engage security professionals to detect vulnerabilities on your e-commerce portal and fix them. Adhere to PCI compliances and set up an SSL certificate for your website. These will enhance your website’s credibility and assure your shoppers that they can make online transactions without worrying about data leakage. Here are some other steps you can take:

  • Display your privacy, shipping, return, and refund policies on your website. Make it easily accessible for customers.
  • Employ fraud-prevention tools to reduce risk exposure.

Follow these tips to increase the conversion rates on your website and boost your sales.

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