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How to Build the 48-Hour Travel Wardrobe?

How to Build the 48-Hour Travel Wardrobe

A lot of people travel for work. And unless you’re a travel journalist or blogger, there’s a high chance that these business trips are far from vacations. In fact, most of these trips last a maximum of 48 hours, despite the far distances that employees travel.

And when you’re heading out on a 48-hour trip, it’s best to pack light. This way, you won’t have to carry too much on your journey. Given that, since you’re likely going to be in a bunch of formal settings, it’s also best to pack methodically and only bring the clothes that you need.

How to Build the 48-Hour Travel Wardrobe

In this guide, we’re showing you how to build the perfect 48-hour travel wardrobe. We’re looking at a couple of essential outfits you need, what’s in the perfect 48-hour travel wardrobe, and some things to consider when building one yourself.

Let’s dive into it.

Essential Outfits for a 48-Hour Travel Wardrobe

When you go on a 48-hour trip, you really only need two outfits. Of course, you might want to consider bringing comfortable sleeping clothes and maybe a set of workout gear, but we recommend only bringing two outfits. That way, you pack light and can rest assured that you will have the right attire regardless of where you go on your trip.

An “On-the-Go” Outfit

The first outfit you need is something to wear when actually traveling. Remember, you’re going to travel back and forth, so you need to bring an outfit for both rides. Ideally, you would want to wear either jeans or chinos when traveling.

Jeans and chinos are very casual and comfortable. However, they are also presentable, making them excellent travel picks.

From there, you want to wear either a plain t-shirt or a comfortable polo shirt. While you want to look put together, you don’t want to be overdressed and uncomfortable while on your flight.

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A Business Casual Outfit

The next outfit you need is the one you will wear to the meeting, interview, or event. The best pick for this is a business casual outfit. This could be similar to what you wear in the office, but since you’re wearing it in a different place, you might want to take out your best office fit.

For example, one of the safest picks for a business casual outfit is a grey suit with nice shoes and a high-quality dress shirt. These won’t take up too much space in your luggage while still allowing you to look professional and stylish.

The Ideal 48-Hour Travel Wardrobe

Everyone has a different 48-hour travel wardrobe, and the best one for you depends on your own preferences. However, here’s a quick list of things that are considered the “bare essentials” when on a 48-hour business trip:

  • Three plain shirts
  • One dress shirt
  • One pair of casual pants (jeans or chinos)
  • One pair of formal pants
  • One shell (jacket, sports coat, or blazer)
  • One mid-layer (sweater or vest)
  • Two pairs of shoes (one casual shoe and one formal shoe)

What To Consider When Building a 48-Hour Wardrobe

Here are some key points to keep in mind when building your own 48-hour wardrobe:

Quality Over Quantity

You want to stay stylish but comfortable when traveling. So, it’s best to stick to high-quality garments on your trip.

Have Two Different Sets

Ideally, you want to have a travel wardrobe for warm weather and one for cold weather.

Follow the “10-Items or Less” Rule

The lighter you pack, the better. So, since you’ll only be at your destination for a day, it’s best to forgo fancy PJs, tons of accessories, and workout gear. If you really want to pack light, we recommend just sleeping in your underwear and only bringing the outfits you need when you step outside.