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Photography has experienced a surge in popularity worldwide, particularly in Australia. 

This article looks at some of the fundamental reasons photography has become one of the most popular hobbies and professions. 

You should consider taking up the hobby if you’re yet to do so.

Let’s explore!

4 Reasons Why Photography is A Major Hobby 


Photography is more accessible, easier, and less expensive

The digital age, which speaks of the internet, and the introduction of smartphones have contributed to a surge in people’s interest in photography. Nowadays, almost everyone has access to a camera of reasonable and superior quality. Anyone with a smartphone will have a camera that is at least good.

Digital photography has simplified the hobby. Combining this with many editing applications and software makes almost anyone produce high-quality images.

Before the digital age, this was not conceivable. Photographers didn’t know what an image would look like until the negatives and prints were processed in a dark room during the film period.

Guess what?

The table has turned!

We can now all witness immediate results.

Photography has become a reasonably inexpensive hobby because digital photographs do not require the use of film. You won’t need to buy an expensive camera, and you won’t have to pay for film processing.

It’s no surprise that photography has become such a popular hobby. It is now more accessible and inexpensive than it has ever been.

Traveling influenced peoples’ interest

Many people, particularly Australians, have been compelled to travel regularly, both domestically and internationally, in recent decades. Almost everyone enjoys documenting their travels with a series of images showcasing the trip’s highlights.

Some severe photographers plan their vacations so that they can visit a new location and take some fantastic new photos.

Most people have accepted the “selfie,” which has become one of the most popular holiday photos in the modern world.

Travelers may now take their cellphones on vacation instead of lugging around large and expensive camera gear unless they are photography enthusiasts or professionals.

Photography improves one’s health and fitness

Photography will keep your mind in shape, but it will also keep your body in the form!

Getting out of the home, walking, and even hiking are common side effects of a photography hobby. 

Do you enjoy photographing landscapes? Then you’ll need to go where the landscapes are, which usually entails some physical activity. 

Do you wish to take pictures of people? Then you’ll have to go for a walk through the streets, which will entail a lot of physical exertion.

Of course, not all types of photography necessitate strenuous physical activity. 

It’s okay if you prefer a more laid-back approach; genres like macro and portrait photography will get you out of the house without feeling like a marathon runner. 

Does that make sense?

It’s an excellent way to have fun

With a camera, you can have so much fun.

You can go to the beach or on a picnic with your family or take pictures of local sports teams. Not just that, you can walk around the streets of your city photographing strangers, snap wildlife, hike up a mountain for a breathtaking view, or stand under the stars at 2 a.m. and watch the Milky Way slowly move across the sky.

In other words: Photography offers numerous opportunities to do new, fascinating, and entertaining things with your camera — something you may not have done otherwise.

Where Can I Learn About Photography?

As described in the previous section, you can learn more about photography by joining a camera club or taking photography lessons from a professional photographer or teacher.

It could be a group setting or one-on-one instruction. Some people prefer the one-on-one situation since they have the instructor’s whole focus and may thereby accelerate their learning.

You don’t want to concentrate on improving your photography skills solely. It’s also good to research post-processing techniques, as this can take your photos to the next level.

Search for photography lessons online, using terms like “photography lessons Lidcombe” as an example of a simple search term.

Bottom Line

Photography is a hobby that allows for a great deal of creative expression and technical expertise. 

Age isn’t a barrier to picking photography as your new hobby, and if all you have is your phone’s camera, that’s fine; you can start now.