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9 Unique Souvenirs For Tourist in Barcelona

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As Europe’s third most visited city and the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is a very vibrant city that is famous for its breathtaking scenery and sophisticated architecture. Millions of tourists visit this said location to go sightseeing and just enjoy the beautiful attractions this city has to offer. People also just love to dine and enjoy leisurely by the outdoor terraces and enjoy beautiful Spanish music on the streets. And because Barcelona is located by the Mediterranean sea, tourists love to stroll by their sandy and beautiful beaches.

Unique Souvenirs For Tourists In Barcelona

Visiting Barcelona would make you wish you brought your friends and family with you. Taking pictures would not give justice to the beauty this city brings, so the only way to show them a piece of the place is to provide them with souvenirs. Because Barcelona is a very historical city found in Spain, there are plenty of boutiques and souvenir shops located around the area. Here are a few ideas for you to bring a little piece of Barcelona back home:

1. Olive Oil

Most of us probably think that olive oil is mainly produced in Italy. Italy must have marketed this very successfully. But in reality, the biggest producer of olive oil in Spain. There are over 200 varieties of Spanish olives allowing Spain to produce different types of EVOOs. Giving your family and friends beautifully bottled cold-pressed olive oil would be a great way to let them taste how heavenly and fragrant these oils are. 

2. Chocolate

Barcelona is a chocolate city. In fact, the chocolate museum, Museu de la Xocolata, that features chocolate sculptures of the city’s architectural wonders, is found there. There are well-known chocolatiers found around the area who make very delicious chocolate. Even groceries have top-quality chocolate available. If you’re a chocolate-lover, Barcelona is the place for you. 

3. Wine and Cava

Wine is probably most famous in France and Italy, but Spain produces delicious wine too. Spain is one of the top wine distributors around the world. If you want to intoxicate your loved ones with one of the best wines in the world, get them a bottle from the Catalan region 

Cava, on the other hand, is a sparkling wine, almost like champagne. Its flavors come in white and rose and this should always be served cold. The two most well-known producers of Cava are Freixient and Cordorniu, which offer delicious cavas. 

4. Barcelona Football Merchandise

Barcelona’s football team is very famous around the world for winning 4 UEFA Champion Leagues and a record or 4 UEFA cups. people, even those who aren’t Spanish, support this team by wearing their sports merchandise. If you know people who love sports, or a Barca fanatic specifically, why not get them jerseys from Barcelona itself to make it more meaningful. 

5. Porcelain Figurines and Other Sculptures

Porcelain figures are very famous in Barcelona. There are a lot of varieties of this type of art. The Caganer figurine is one of the strangest traditions in Catalonia. It is a figurine of a little man wearing a red Catalan hat, squatting with his pants down while pooping. People usually display this figurine before Christmas in the nativity scene in which the poop signifies land fertility when it touches the ground, which draws good luck and harvest for the rest of the year. 

Aside from these figurines, couple bobbleheads are also a nice souvenir for your significant other. You can have it customized and make your figurines wear traditional clothes from Barcelona. 

6. Turrón

 Turron is a famous Spanish delicacy commonly known as nougat. This nutty confection is available in two types: a soft one that is smoother and the harder one which is rich in chunks of nuts and is the brittle type. If you have loved ones who are sweet tooths, getting them nougats from Barcelona is a great idea. 

7. Espadrilles

Espadrilles of espardenyes is a popular type of shoe from Spain. It is also called “rope shoes”. There are a lot of varieties available from closed shoes, to slightly closed, to open shoes, and are still in fashion as of today. These are canvas shoes made of jute rope and are still considered a timeless fashion in Barcelona. 

8. Canned Delights

Although canned food might sound weird to give as souvenirs from a prestigious city. Barcelona has these preserved goods available for practicality and also to bring their delicious food abroad. You can have your friends and family have a bit of a taste of Barcelona through these canned delights. 

9. Street Art

If you’re a sentimental kind of person, bringing home a view of Barcelona. This is another way to showcase the beauty of this breathtaking city. There are a few artists who make these types of art by the street live and sell their work to anyone interested.

Souvenirs can vary from food to clothes to display materials and art. Barcelona, a very wonderful and historical city, makes you want to go back and explore more of its untold and hidden treasures. If you love the food at this great city. You can bring home some of their well-known delicacies and have your loved ones taste authentic food from Barcelona. Souvenirs are a way for you to bring your memories home so you would have something to remind yourself of the days you spent in this alluring and attractive city.