Best Cookware Sets for camping, as well as for Outdoor Travel.

Excited about your next trip near a lake, mountainous areas, hills or in jungle where you can enjoy the beauty nature. In fact, having chances to cook & eat in jungle is unforgettable feelings. This post helps you to choose a suitable cookware kit & start your journey as soon.

Of course, first thing first, getting an idea of what to cook will help you best come up with your shopping plan. Cooking on site can be quite challenging for some people consider the not-so-ideal circumstances like the strong wind, lack of water or electricity. Therefore, dishes should be simple, involve just a few ingredients, easy to carry or preserve.

It’ll be wonderful if you can catch fish on the spot and grill or deep-fry them right away. However, don’t forget to bring hotdogs, bread or other ready-to-cook meals with all the raw, seasoned, mixed ingredients in case you come out of water empty-handed

Cookware sets

For some people, eating convenience food is just fine, but that doesn’t give you the thrill like together enjoying hot meals in the middle of nature. In another scenario, somebody in your camping group has sensitive stomach, a well-cooked meal is just the right treat for them. As many hikers have said “cooking on site can give you much more satisfied and memorable experience on your wilderness trip”.
So, to cook on site, what piece of cooking kit should you get?

Here’s a list of items in a cookware sets

  • A pot for brewing or boiling dishes
  • A pan for frying or stir frying fish, meat or some vegetables
  • A ladle to cook, wooden one is a good idea to avoid scratching your pan while cooking
  • Foldable silverware to save some precious space
  • Portable Stove

Now that you have an idea of what to buy for your outdoor cooking day, it’s time to consider all the criteria to keep in mind when choosing those

  1. Materials: sure you don’t want to risk your well-being in using unhealthy materials, search for cookware that’s made of aluminum alloy to ensure you’re using safe-for-cooking materials such as stone cookware which is best for health.
  2. Lightweight and portable: it doesn’t really matter if your transport is a RV or a car. But if your campsite requires you to walk for long distance, then choosing a light kit is what saves the day. Remember to have a glance at the total weight of the set to choose the useful, full kit yet light enough to carry without much difficulty.
  3. Non-stick: think of how annoying it is when the food is burnt and sticky at the bottom or when you try to scrub the food off, hmmmm. It’s important to choose ones with non-stick materials to saving the time for wash as well as to have better food.
  4. Full set: this will save you time buying small, separate items, but more importantly, buy a full set can save you some more money not to mention all items in a full set will fit perfectly together, thus save you lots of room. How great is that!


Can’t wait to start planning for your next trip, take a look at our best picks on cookware in the list below:

1. TOOSHOO camping cookware set

This set includes a pot, a pan, a mesh bag but what is amazing about it is a perfectly fitted mini stove placed inside the pots. All of them can be wrapped by a light mesh bag, which makes it so easy to carry. If you carry a big backpack, just simply tighten the string of the mesh bag to your pack, now your hands are free because you don’t need to carry the set all the way to the campsite.

The pot material is one more thing to love about this product. Alumina makes it not only light, but also so durable. The stainless-still handles on the pot are foldable, all you have to do before cooking is to fold them out, hold them to prevent burns.

2. Bisgear 16 pcs Camping Cookware

This set comes with whopping 16 pieces that well serve every bit of your need for a hot meal out, including spoon, knife, fork, wine opener, pot, pan, loofah sponge, carabinet and gas stove. All of these little things can be put nicely together in a mesh bag, which is super compact and easily carried.

Your need and preference might differ from others, you think you might not need all 16 items but might want something else? Don’t worry, Bisgear offer a few slightly adjusted sets coming with different colors and items, now there’re way much more choices to make sure you find yourself the most useful kit.

3. HONEST portable camping cookware mess kit

If you already own a mini gas stove or you want to cook on campfire for a more adventurous and fun experience, this set is exactly what you are looking for. The set consists of a pot, pan, pan cover, soup and bamboo spoon, foldable spork, bowls and a small piece of loofah scrubber, which is nice and environmentally-friendly.

Impressively good quality of this product is certainly something that you love. Aluminum pots and BPA free bowls are totally safe to use in cooking.

4. LEADSTAR campfire cookware

Do you want a simplified cooking set with only most needed items? Leadstar set is worth having a look. This set includes nonstick pan, pot and cover , 2 bowls, soup spoon wooden ladle, which can all be placed neatly in a nylon pouch for easier storage and carrying.

The price of this product is also a plus, by cutting out unnecessary items to lower the price, you can own it from just 21.00S, you’ll sure get a lot of bang for the buck with it.

5. RIORAND 1-piece portable cookware

If your need is super simple, you already have a mini stove or would like to buy separate stove, and you’re just looking for a container to boil water for your coffee, instant porridge or noodle. Look no further, RioRand 1-piece Portable (with one deep pot and one bowl) will well suit your need.

The weight of just 331gram, this product causes no trouble carrying it around, you can put some ready-to-cook food inside the kit, go to your site, take it out, turn on the stove, and bingo, a hot bowl of soup (or whatever it is that you cook) is ready for you to enjoy.

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