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How to access the Tenda Wi-Fi Router Network?

Tenda Wi-Fi launched a smart WiFi router with new features. Tenda Wi-Fi router is an access point for the Wireless network range Extender. It is design to extend the Existing Wi-Fi network coverage and strength of the signal. It makes a secure Wi-Fi connection. Its Network signal Range is very good and it supports advanced technology. This WiFi router network easily except on my laptop or all other devices. It supports a Dual-band Wi-Fi signal network. You can manage your router using the remote. Its network connection is more stable and it’s best for online streaming, and gaming.

This WiFi router contains package four antennas, LAN port, WAN port, reset button, power adaptor, Ethernet cable, and WPS button. Then Tenda Wi-Fi network is one unique thing is that it’s automatically migrating the Wi-Fi setting of your previous router onto your new router. This router size is very compact, lightweight, and it’s made with plastic. This router build and finishing are very great compare to others.

Login to Tenda Wi-Fi router

You can easily access the Tenda Wi-Fi router Web page on Your Pc or any device through the Web interface, simply type in the search bar http // login to your router. You have to need first, connect the Power Adaptor to the back of your Wireless router. Plug the power Adaptor into an Access point or Electric socket properly.

Now you can check on your router the power LED Illuminates. Insert an Ethernet Cable between the LAN port, it is given on the back panel of the router. Also, connect an Ethernet Cable to the LAN port given on your Laptop, or other devices to which you want to go login your router Wi-Fi system.

Accessing the login page

Using your Pc or Laptop, open the Web browser or internet explorer. Type in the Web browser searching bar, default IP address of your router For tendawifi login. The IP address descriptive on the back of your router. Press the Enter key and now look on your screen pop up the login box.

This pop-up login box will ask for your router’s admin username and Password. Put and complete the login credentials. Tap or press the Enter key to go to the next page.

The Tenda Wi-Fi router is logging successfully in a proper manner. Now, the setup page of the router will get open on your Pc window. For doing your Wi-Fi router setup, press on this option.

Setup of the Tenda Wi-Fi router

After completing the login credentials, you can easily access the tendawifi setup page. Using the Web interface completes all login credentials. Now, look at your Pc window the setup page automatically displays after completing the login credentials.

For doing the WiFi router internet setup, then you click the advanced setting option, then click on internet connection setup. If your internet service provider provides you static Ip then select this option or If it does not provide any Ip then you can ignore this option.

At last, you click on the apply option. Now, the internet connection setup is complete successfully.

Wireless network setup

If you want also to do the Your router wireless setup. Then again visit the settings option and find the wireless setup option. For completing the Wi-Fi setting click on the Wireless.

In this wireless setup option, you set here your Wi-Fi name. To make your WiFi network secure, set your wireless security password according to you. Tap or click on the apply option.

To save the changes click or tap the Enter key. Now, the Wireless setup is complete in a proper manner. This Wi-Fi router Wireless setup is basic.

More thinks about know Tenda Wi-Fi router

You can also use your Tenda Wi-Fi router WPS button for accessing the router Wi-Fi network in your Device. Simply, by pressing the router’s WPS button it’s given on the back of your Router.

Using the WPS button You have quickly considered the Wi-Fi network on your device without entering any security password. With the tether app, you can also do the setup using the App.

Download this App on your Pc or Mobile phone, through the play store. After installing the app, open it. Click on the sign-in option and complete your router’s login credentials.

After completing the login, click on the setting option, Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Tenda WiFi router setup.