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How Safe Are Phone Tracking Apps?

Phone Tracking Apps

Mobile phones are almost running our lives nowadays. They have changed our way of communication. Today, they are not just limited to communication needs. From shopping to learning, almost all the chores of everyday life are being regulated through mobile phone tracking apps. 

Considering the significance of mobile phones, protecting them is necessary. This is where mobile phone apps are required. Mobile phone tracking is the technique of downloading or acquiring third-party software to regulate your mobile phones. This secures your device and your sensitive information as well. Plenty of benefits come with downloading mobile tracking apps, such as:

Keeping an eye on your children

Parents are commonly anxious and concerned about the things their children may get into online. From cyberbullying to online predators, countless ways exist for children to run into potentially harmful circumstances. Some apps can help you control when and how your child uses their phone, and you can also filter out and prohibit mature websites.

Locating stolen or misplaced phones

It doesn’t matter if your phone has been stolen, or you just misplaced your phone, but missing your phone is one of the most horrible nightmares. You can track your device with apps that can help locate it and easily resolve an unforeseen situation.

Monitoring employees

By downloading mobile phone tracking apps, you can monitor the communication of your employees to save the company’s sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. You can easily inspect unauthorized activities. Some apps can even tell when an employee clocks in and out of work.

Keep in touch

One of the coolest benefits of having mobile phone tracking apps is that it allows you to keep in touch with your friends and can be aware in case of unusual issues.

Are Mobile Phone Tracking Apps Safe?

Today, when we have everything in our mobile phones, including tracking apps, following and stalking are somehow normalized. Also, our mobile phones always trace our location with some background activities. So even if you turn off your location settings, you will find a lot of location logs that deliver data about your routines and habits, the spot where you work, your favorite place, your residence, the places you usually stay at, and so on.

If you opt for using mobile tracking apps, there can be two reasons. You either want to track your loved ones to be sure of their safety, or you want to hurt someone. 

Ways To Detect Unsafe Apps

While third-party app stores present a greater threat when installing unauthenticated apps, they also sneak their path into Google Play Store.

It is possible to recognize unsafe apps to prevent leakage of your sensitive data. You can do so by looking out for the following:


Crylogger is the first new open-source tool that inspects cryptographic mishandling. It analyzes valid parameters used by the apps rather than assessing their source code. It can easily inspect when two apps communicate insecurely or when data is transmitted across multiple apps when it should not.

Developer info

Find out who the developer is. Look at the developer’s name that is usually written below the app’s name. A quick Google search should give you verified info about the developer of the app. If the developer has established multiple apps, this shows that the developer is more likely to be reliable and trustworthy. 

Number of downloads

Check out how many times the app has been installed. If it has several downloads, then it’s more likely to be legit.

Read reviews 

Go to the review section and read what other people are saying about the app. An authentic app should have an ample number of reviews, while a fake one should have very few.

Date published

If you are downloading an app, and you notice that it was published just a few months ago, that’s a sign that the app is not authentic. Rather, look for an ‘updated on date’ section.

Unusual discounts

If you find a deal that looks too reasonable to be valid, then it is possibly a fake one.

Spelling and Grammar Errors

Fake apps are often created rapidly or in regions where English isn’t the native language. So, there is a big chance of having spelling and grammar mistakes in that app that will help determine if the app is fake.

Play Protection

When downloading the app from the Play Store, you will see the Play Protect Badge underneath the progress bar if the app is legit. This reassures that the app has been verified by Play Protect and is safe to download and use.

Updating the app

Before you update your app, Google will indicate at the top of the update category in the Play Store whether the pending updates are safe to download or not.


There are new tracking apps published on the Play Store every day, so you must be very diligent when downloading something new. Keep in mind the tips we’ve mentioned above, and you’ll be able to determine if the app is secure enough to use.