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3 factors to consider for choosing sun hats that offer maximum protection

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To attain the best summer looks, you cannot do without sun hats available in a wide range of styles. Protection and style go hand in hand for sun hats which shield our face, neck, and even some part of the body across the shoulder depending on the hat size from the harmful UV rays of sunlight. Larger is the brim circumference more is the shade, and women are highly attracted to big hats for women, which are one of the most notable fashion accessories during the summer days. 

Sun hats are must-haves along with sunscreens when you want to enjoy the summer by staying outdoor while engaging in various activities. Wearing a straw hat when venturing out to the beach or spending your time in the garden during the afternoon while wearing the bucket hat has become almost a norm.

As you have made up your mind to roam around by ignoring the summer heat during the day, it means that you have also made up your mind about the hat styles that you would like to try out. From Fedora to Trilby and from Panama hats to Bucket hats, you can create your ensemble of hats to accompany you during the outdoor trips. Whether you are traveling to some favorite destination or want to spend time lazily at the beach, it is unthinkable to venture out without a summer hat. 

You might face the problem of plenty when choosing sun hats because as the styles keep evolving, new designs appear to be more attractive. However, you must know how to narrow down your search so that you get your perfect hat. First, you must ensure that the hat has the features that support its functionality. For choosing the right sun hat, you must focus on the parameters or features discussed below. The most important considerations are the brim size and shape and the hat material. When you tick the right boxes, you leave nothing to chance. You are sure to get the most befitting hat that offers the best protection from the sun and even makes you look more attractive and fashionable. 

Brim size

The amount of UV protection that a hat provides depends on the size of the brim. When the sun is above your head, the brim provides shade, and you can adjust the hat to maximize the protection according to the sun’s position. The brim cuts off the sun rays and prevents the harmful UV rays from reaching the upper part of your body, especially the face, neck, and shoulders.  According to most physicians, the minimal brim width should be 3 inches, and broader brims offer better protection. Sun hats are available in brim sizes of 3 inches and go up to 8 inches, depending on the brand. 

Brim shape

The hat’s ability to block UV rays depends as much on the brim width as on the shape of the hat. The hat’s shape offers protection from the dispersed sun rays that tend to reach upon your face by bouncing from underneath the brim and affecting your cheeks and chin. Not only are the direct sun rays harmful, but the dispersed sun rays that reflect from the surfaces in the surrounding are harmful too. To protect your face entirely from any exposure to the sun’s rays, direct or indirect, the curve or fold of the brim plays a critical role.

Hats that have brims curved downwards and maintain a short distance from your face provide all-around UV protection. Despite wearing a sun hat, use sunscreen on the lower parts of your face around the chin, cheeks, and neck to cover up for any shortcomings of the mens brim hat design.

To extend the protection against UV rays, it is better to wear a flap hat so that you can cover your ears and neck with the fabric instead of solely depending on the shade provided by the brim. Sometimes the wrapping extends besides covering the neck. The fabric stretches to the front of your face and protects your chin as well as cheeks. 

Hat material

The material used for making sun protection hats is another crucial factor that determines the level of protection. Regardless of the type of hat material, check its capability of UV protection denoted by a number like 50+ UPF, which means that it can block UV rays type A and B up to 98%.  For good to excellent sun protection, cotton is the best fabric for sun hats. If you choose straw hats, ensure that there is an inner lining of cotton under the brim, and the weaving is tight so that your face remains under the shade always.

The color of the underside of the brim is another factor that impacts UV protection. A dark-colored under the surface of the brim will absorb the bounced sun rays and protect your face better.