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Android Apps To Capture Your Next Hiking Trips

Hiking is one of my favorite Summer pastimes! If you’ve ever watched me play most any organized sport, you’d think me to be out of shape. Hiking is different for me. I’m in the way enough for some real eight-hour hiking excursions with these best hiking Apps, and that’s in the way enough for me! the best option to Download the Android Apps To Capture Hiking Trips

Anyway, I love hiking in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York, especially in the High Peaks region around Lake Placid. While hiking mountains in the area, there are some beautiful summit views. If I can capture even just a part of those scenes (it’s impossible to catch them, you have to see it in real life), I am happy.

There are several Android apps in my current arsenal that can help capture the beauty of an Adirondack hike (or any hike for that matter). With your mobile app, you’ll read, send fax online and inbound fax, sign faxes and even add notes to your faxes right on your mobile device. Check these out, and don’t be caught on a hike without them!


EveryTrail is an excellent app that uses your Android GPS to track and record your journey. If you take pictures along the way and hope you would, it places them on the map where they were born. When you get home, you’ve got this cool map and pics telling the whole story to save your memories and share them with anyone. Check out the article I already wrote about it. The best Apps To Capture Hiking Trips in this smart world.


If you go on a hike with some sort of summit or another new 360-degree view, wouldn’t it be awesome to take a panorama shot? Photaf is an app that makes it super-duper easy to do it! With it, you can create the panorama (it steps you through taking the photos and then stitches them for you), share the stitched panorama, and even upload it to their site for further sharing choices.

I had real issues uploading to their site (like, it never uploaded), but you can also take the JPG file and upload it to another panorama site such as (for ClevR, make sure you resize the JPG to at least 400 pixels). It is one of the best hiking Apps.

Pro HDR Camera

If you’re not sure what HDR is all about, you’re not alone. I didn’t either until I read up on it. Basically, HDR stands for high dynamic range, and it’s taking several pictures at different brightness and putting them together to make one picture with a lot of detail. Photographs come out beautiful Brightening out beautiful colors.

This Android hiking app makes the process quite simple. Just take the photo through the app, hold the camera very still throughout the capturing process (you’ll probably want to use a tripod for best results), and the app takes several pics and puts them together for you. Think about the hiking photos you’ll have after using such an app!


This hiking app ought to sound familiar, seeing as though I just mentioned it in a recent post. As you’re taking all of these awesome hiking photos, you may want them to back up to your Picasa or Facebook account automatically. This way, even if something happens to your precious Android, you’ve got the photos when you get back to civilization.

There you have it! Now go on out hiking and bring back those memories! With your An droid in hand, you have no excuse! Track your runs, body weight training sessions, and other fitness & sports activities with DOE Training apps. Oh, and don’t forget to bring extra batteries, or a solar charger, just in case!

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