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How To Convert JPG Files Into PDF File Format In Seconds?

Convert JPG to PDF

The COVID-19 crisis turns our world upside down. The school closure, social isolation, and work from home situations create a real tough time to perform office essential tasks. Most of the employees are working from home during these days and a few tasks like scanning documents, convert JPG to PDF format, etc is becoming challenging.

But with technological advancements, we can perform such tasks in a minute. A brilliant PDF scanner app can resolve all these issues quickly. Scanning documents and converting file formats are no more a tough task with such apps.

This article is intended to assist all the employees and individuals, who are struggling to scan documents and to convert file formats. But first we should explore why PDF file formats are so widespread?

Why PDF File Formats Are So Prevalent?

  • The PDF format keeps your document well-maintained.You know that document will be presented exactly how you laid it out.
  • PDF file format is also ideal for print out.
  • PDF has been widely adopted across the globe.The format is easy to view and share.
  • The biggest advantage of PDF is it compresses high-quality files to a relatively small file size.  
  • PDFs lets you maintain visually-pleasing layouts, and uses links that will open up in the viewer’s web browser effortlessly.

What Are PDF Scanner Apps?

A scan to PDF application works like a physical scanner. It scans all types of documents using your Android device and also helps to convert JPG files into PDF formats.A flatbed physical scanner is bulky and we can not access it anywhere anytime. So experts discovered scanning apps that fit into your cell phone and you can scan documents in no time.

Today, the Internet is flooding with such scanner apps but we need a one-stop scanning solution that not only scans documents but also converts file formats and offers additional useful features. 

FlashScan – A Comprehensive Scan To PDF App

FlashScan is an intuitive app that scans any types of documents in a flash. It smartly converts JPG files in PDF formats. You can scan documents and immediately convert the file format.

It is a one-stop scanning solution for your go-to scans. This app has been recognised as the fastest document scanner app of 2020. Lets’ see which documents you can scan with FlashScan.

Which Documents Can You Scan With FlashScan?

  • Different types of documents,Identity cards and formal papers.
  • Office/Business invoices, important contracts, various bills, and vouchers..
  • Scan every type of receipts, letters and even books!
  • Useful articles, important certificates, and business cards are easy to scan. 

How To Convert JPG File To A PDF Format With FlashScan?

Do you want to quickly convert JPG format to a PDF file format? Follow below-mentioned steps to perform this task easily.

  • Choose the documents that you want to convert in PDF file formats.
  • Take a good click of the documents and scan it with FlashScan app.
  • Now You can convert the scanned result into a PDF file format.

Congratulations! You have successfully converted your JPG files to a sharp PDF file format with FlashScan app.

What Are The Advantages Of FlashScan?

At times you need a complete application that provides all the assistance to ease out your daily scanning issues. And FlashScan is a unique app that offers many value-added features. Let’s see features of the FlashScan in brief.

  • Document Scanning App- FlashScan generates fastest and sharpest scans in no time. It digitizes documents clearly.
  • OCR Tool- The optical character recognition feature is a must use tool of the app. The OCR offers many benefits. It is the most accurate text extractor.Users can save it as plain text. OCR also gives translation assistance. You can easily translate any text from English to other languages.
  • QR and Barcode Reader- Need an accurate QR and Barcode reader? FlashScan reades all sorts of codes quickly. Users can decode any product’s barcode and compare it online. 
  • You can easily delete, save, share and rename any file and folders.
  • Digital mess of various types of documents makes it difficult to find particular papers. You can keep your documents well- organized with Sort By feature. It categorises documents by name and modification time.
  • The after scan process of FlashScan makes it a distinct app. It gives special treatment to every document with various filters. Users can use professional filters as per the need of the document.
  • The Grey Mode filter servs the classic office look. With Magic color you can add various colors to the document. Black and White 1 &2 removes background noise of the image and gives a timeless black and white effect.

Download FlashScan now to simplify your scanning issues. Convert JPG files into a PDF file format easily with this app.