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7 tips for custom shower doors

Every individual has certain expectations when customizing shower doors. If you are considering your home, then washrooms need special attention. You can finalize your designs as per your choice and once you are done the next thing to do is to look for a herculite doors manufacturer that will fabricate the glass for your house. Here are several tips that you need to consider while customization shower doors- 

Look for shower configuration-

Every individual’s house is different from another and so do the style of bathroom. While customizing shower doors, a person needs to pay attention to frame\frameless door, and shower panels i.e. where to place either the left-hand side or right. It matters the most because then only you can check how much space the door requires to be fixed. Along with this, you need to give every possible information to the manufacturer so that they can customize shower doors according to your requirement. 

Glass material and thickness-

Choosing the iridescent glass material is as important as its glass design. Earlier people do not pay attention to this factor but now everyone looks for quality and therefore, tempered glass is a good choice because of its unbreakable properties. Therefore, you should look for the best quality glass with a thickness that is not easy to break. 

Tint requirement-

It depends on the person whether they want tinted shower panels or frosted glass. Both are good options to be opted for in a bathroom. The person should pass all this reliable information to the manufacturer so that he could make it as per your design. 

Strong finish-

No matter how effective the design is, the thick glass you choose. The finish will grab personal attention. You can ask for hardware to match the finish. Once your shower door is finalized, you can look for coordinating items too. 


Measurement also plays a vital role and should be known to the manufacturer. Try to choose your outstretched arms to measure the space or use inch-tapes to make accurate measurements. If any 1-2 inch gaps are found the glass door might not fit well. So, be precise with your measurements. 

How edgework your want-

When customizing shower doors, you need to look for designing edgework. Edgework provides safety and a clean look. You also know after a bath, the tiles get wet and chances of an accident are more likely to be seen. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. 

Designing tool-

Instead of dreaming about how your shower door will look like, you can make a comparison there and then by designing tools. 

To conclude- 

Every individual looks for perfection and it can be achieved with customization. There are chances that people do not like the design, quality, material, etc. of shower panels and the need arises for customization. If you also want to make your bathroom doors mesmerizing, then you ask for custom shower doors online. A huge variety is available that can satisfy your needs and preferences.