4 Boons That Have Come Out of the Remote Working Culture

For the last four months or so, corporate workforce, across the globe had been working remotely because of the pandemic. HR leaders have worked tirelessly amid this duration to prevent the loss of work productivity, and arranging for team communication technology tools. Providing health-related assistance has been the other major responsibility of CHROs since the start of the ongoing pandemic.

An environment of fear, anxiety, and hopelessness has been created in the past six months in the wake of the coronavirus spread. Millions have lost their jobs because of the economic downturn led by the COVID across the globe. The soaring stress levels, and mental sickness cases, have put people worldwide in a state of depression.

However, all is not lost, and there have been certain positives too, that have emerged amid the said situation. The beneficial environmental impact is known to everyone, but a few work-related boons have also emerged amid the WFH culture.

What Corrective Steps Are CHROs Supposed to Take Amid the Crisis Situation?

As per a Statista, March 2020 survey, 53% of surveyees, mostly workers, expected their respective firms to allow employees to remain put at home, in case, a worker shows symptoms of COVID-19. While 45% of those surveyed, said that the prospective at-risk employees should be stopped from attending the office.


HR Policy Amendments, Employers Need to Make Amid COVID

4 Positives That Have Emerged in the Wake of COVID-Led WFH Policy

Increased Flexibility at Work

The pandemic has forced the chief hr officers at varied companies to put all their workforce on a WFH (Work from Home) regime. As a result, workers are being able to work more flexibly from their respective homes, which has never had happened, if there has not existed a pandemic-like situation.

Besides, the environment, across the world, has benefited hugely from people not commuting to work, as it has allowed for limited movement of fossil-fuel operated vehicles.

The worldwide impact of the reduced vehicular movements has been praiseworthy. In China alone, the carbon emissions have dropped by 25%. A strikingly clear sky can be seen across all parts of the world due to the significantly-less plying of vehicles on the roads.

Optimal Use of Revolutionary HR Tech

In the wake of COVID, human resource leaders across a majority of firms were forced to adopt hr tech tools to help the team members in the organization, connect with each other, while working remotely. It gave the workforce a sense of the future of work, wherein it will be considered perfectly normal to have individuals in one team coming from different geographies. In that case, they will be connecting remotely over communication tools powered by advanced hr technology.

People are Endlessly Supporting Each Other

Whether it’s the chief of the human resources department in the MNCs, or the people in general, away from corporate life, all have come to the rescue of each other. In the UK, volunteers in millions, have come together to lend a helping hand to the National Health Security division by providing their assistance in making face shields using 3d printers.

Rise of Creativity & Innovation

The isolation amid the worldwide lockdown has pushed people to get more creative than ever, given the unlimited time they have at their disposal. For instance, an Italian Chef, namely Massimo Bottura, has launched an Instagram Series by the name ‘Kitchen Quarantine’, wherein he is helping people to be more innovative in the kitchen, by teaching them new cooking hacks.

We hope, you are feeling somewhat positive than before, after reading this article. May you find a ray of hope for yourself while going through this piece of content, and see life in a completely new light amid the fears of the pandemic.

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