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Installing Solar Panels? Get A Roof Inspection Done By Professional Roofing Installation Service Providers First

Solar panel installation is a home improvement project and a significant investment all at the same time. Most homeowners who are tired of paying big energy bills turn towards solar panels to escape the endless cycle of excessive energy bills. Since space is usually limited in big cities, most homeowners go with roof-mounted solar panel set up.

However, since your roof has to bear the added weight, you should make sure that your roof can handle the solar panel installation. That is why it is essential to call roofing installation services to inspect your roof before solar panel installation.

Some roofing companies such as Red Oak Exteriors also offer solar panel installation services so you can get both the inspection and solar panel installation done by the same company. With that being said here is why a roof inspection is essential before solar panel installation.

Benefits of roof inspection before solar panel installation

While it is best to hire a solar panel installation company with expertise in the roofing department if you hire a different solar panel installation firm keep in mind that the solar panel installer should collaborate with the roof inspector.

That is only possible if you hire a roof inspector ahead of the solar panel installation process to ensure that your roof is in a condition to handle solar panel installation. A solar panel installer will not be concerned about your roof’s condition since it is not their job.

That is why it is up to you to ensure that your roof doesn’t end up being overloaded or damaged due to solar panel installation. Here are some additional benefits of getting roof inspection done ahead of solar panel installation.

Roof inspection tells you the age of your roof: Now you might be wondering what the age of your roof has to do with solar panel installation.Knowing your roof’s age through a roof inspection can be beneficial because if your roof has little useful life left, you can replace it before the solar panel installation. Or else you would have to remove the newly installed solar panels within the next few years and reinstall them along with a new roof if your roof is nearing the end of its life when you install solar panels on it.

Roof inspectors can detect any weaknesses that can cause issues during or after solar panel installation: As mentioned above a solar panel installer will only focus on getting the solar panels installed instead of paying attention to any weak point on your roof. You can’t blame the solar panel installer either because they lack the expertise and training to detect any weak points in your roof. So a roof inspection will give you essential information about any weaknesses in your roof that should be improved before you start the solar panel installation. Keep in mind that while your roof might not show signs of damage now as soon as the solar panel installation team starts walking and placing heavy equipment on your roof, the weaknesses can quickly become apparent. That is why it is crucial to make sure that there aren’t any weaknesses in your roof’s structure that can result in poor solar panel installation or other issues later on.

 We hope this pre-solar panel installation guide has helped you understand the importance of a roof inspection before the actual solar panel installation process. A simple roof inspection can save you many worries later on, so it is a good idea to get it done before going ahead with solar panel installation.