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Why You Should Hire a Private Boat for Your Parties?

Hire a Private Boat

When people think of Sydney, they immediately envision seeing the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, the two landmarks associated with the city. However, Sydney also offers more scenic areas aside from these two. Sydney is also one of the cities that can boast of a pristine coastline and magnificent cityscape when viewed from the ocean’s perspective. This panoramic view of Sydney is one of the main reasons why many people opt for a private boat hire in Sydney from Quackrduck.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Private Boat in Sydney?

Anybody can explore Sydney by land. However, not everybody can have the opportunity to enjoy the marvels that Sydney has to offer while you are onboard a private boat hire in Sydney. You can bask at the majesty of the nighttime cityscape while you are onboard your rented yacht or pontoon. Here are the other advantages that you can get when you hire a boat for the day. And, read the blog to know the process of launching boat from trailer.

Select the Type of Boat According to Your Need

You can choose the type of boat you will need. You can rent from the smaller-sized boats such as bowriders which can accommodate six to ten people, to the roomier yachts, which can house upwards of up to 50 people. Likewise, your choice of boat hire should depend on the water activities that you will engage in. Bowriders and pontoons are ideal for short boat parties since it does not provide facilities such as a sleeping area. Bowriders are great for fishing trips and short sightseeing activities. If you plan to stay on the ocean for extended periods, it is best to choose a cuddy cabin or a yacht.

Full-service Crew on Board

You may rent a private boat hire in Sydney with a full-service crew so that you will no longer have to worry about the food and drinks at your party. The service crew may include a professional chef and a bartender to help you serve your guests during your private ocean event. Business owners use private boat parties to reward their most productive employees or to entertain prospective clients.

Flexibility with Schedule and Activities

When you hire a private boat, you control your schedule and activities, unlike with a tour boat where you have to stick to their routine schedule. You may ask the captain of your boat to take you somewhere new or stay anchored in one area of the ocean so you can swim or engage in other water activities.


There is a misconception that hiring a private boat is expensive. It will be expensive if only one person is going to shoulder the cost. However, if there are many of you, the boat rental cost may be divided equally among you. If you do this, then the average cost of renting a boat for your private party will be around $50 per person per hour. This amount is reasonable enough to have a memorable party on board a private yacht.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Boat for Private Parties?

Renting a private boat hire in Sydney for private parties will be beneficial for you, especially during national holidays such as Australia Day, where many parties are going on. Here are how you will benefit from a private boat party.

Keep Track of Your Friends

When you are all in the same boat, you can keep tabs on your friends’ inebriation and well-being. Likewise, you will not lose each other during party season.

Own the Place

When attending public parties, you may find the dance floor overly crowded with people. You can dance in comfort with your private yacht while still listening to music from EDM festivals at the nearby shores. Likewise, if you rent a private boat hire, you will have your own set of private bathrooms with showers.

Hiring a private boat will give you and your friends parties that you will remember for the rest of your lives.