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High-Tech Gadgets and Accessories for the Ultimate RV Experience

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High-Tech Gadgets and Accessories for the Ultimate RV Experience

Travelling right now is complicated, to put it mildly. You have to worry about social distancing, masks, washing your hands constantly, government rules, restrictions, special travel papers, people around you who may or may not be infected, and hotels and resorts everywhere shutting down.

Fortunately, if you’ve got an RV, none of that matters. You can go anywhere, at any time, and stay completely safe and worry-free as you explore the country and enjoy your vacation. And the best part? You can make this vacation entirely luxurious, entertaining, and glamorous.

All you really need are a few cool RV gadgets and accessories. Here are the ones that will offer a complete, lavish experience.

High-tech shower head

Ugh, there’s nothing worse than a lousy RV showerhead that has absolutely no pressure and can’t give you a satisfying shower experience to save its life. If you want to feel truly clean and relaxed when you wash the day’s dirt off your body, we recommend investing in a decent RV showerhead. Look for something with good spray settings and low GPM (gallon per minute) and that’s made of quality materials that won’t clog up.

Solar panels

If you’re looking to be eco-conscious and save money on energy, then investing in solar panels is a spectacular idea. You’ll be able to charge all your batteries without having to rely on fossil fuels, and the best part is that you don’t need much other than sunlight to charge them. If you plan to travel a lot, solar power is one of the most eco-friendly solutions you can find.  

Secure camera system

No matter how great your RV is, it’s still not a sleek little car that you can just park gracefully anywhere you like. It’s tough to be completely aware of the whole vehicle at all times, but luckily there’s a solution – a good RV camera system. With a couple of side cameras and a rearview camera.

You’ll know exactly what’s going on at all times, which will make it easier to park, drive, and simply feel safe in your own RV. Things can’t catch you off-guard when you can see each part of your camper on a monitor.

This is simply a very sensible investment that will keep your family secures and make it easy for you to drive.  

Outdoor TV

Picture this: you’re outside, lounging on the grass and drinking cold beer. There’s a campfire lit near, and the whole atmosphere is cozy. You press a button and your favorite movie starts playing as you snuggle up with your family and snack on some toasted marshmallows.

To enjoy this kind of outdoor theatre, grab a projection system that can be set up outdoors and folded when you’re no longer using it. 

Mounted speakers

If you want to blast great music and start a party in an instant, you can invest in mounted speakers that can be set up on the walls or the ceiling of the RV and connected to the sound system. Mounted speakers don’t have any special kind of wiring that will get in the way, you just need to hook them up to a regular 12-volt outlet. The installation is fairly fast, so there’s no hassle there.

Internet hotspot

You absolutely can have WiFi whenever you want to in an RV, you just need to get an internet hotspot and set it up. If you think the signal is too weak, then invest in a Wi-Fi booster and you should be able to do pretty much anything, from streaming a movie to holding a video conference. Bear in mind that this will usually require a 4G wireless plan.

Internet hotspot

Inflatable hot tub

Yes, you can even have a hot tub in your RV, and you don’t even have to worry about how you’ll pack it! With an inflatable model, you can just blow it up when you need it, and use the digitally-controlled pump to heat the water and turn on the jets for the full luxury experience.

Small espresso machine

You don’t have to rely on terrible gas station coffee for your morning fill. There are espresso machines that actually made to be compact, so you don’t have to worry about fitting something clunky into a tight RV space. Bring your favorite coffee blend and pour yourself a real cup of joe in the morning.

With a few of these gadgets, you’ll soon have an RV that provides more fun and comfort than any old hotel.