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7 Tips for Hiring Shopify Developer From India

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Tips for Hiring Shopify Developer From India

Before you decide to Outsource Shopify Programming to India and Hire Shopify Developers from India & Experts from an offshore company based there, you must know the guidelines that will help you find the Shopify developer of your choice who can ably fulfill your requirement. You need to have a checklist and the one who ticks off all the right boxes or most of the boxes should qualify to be the right candidate for your job.

7 Tips for Hiring Shopify Developer From India

Below, we have shared 7 tips that will streamline your search when you are on the lookout for a Shopify developer from India:

Tips for Hiring Shopify Developer From India

1. Identify the Need to Hire Skilled Developers

You will have to decide when you need to hire skilled Shopify developers working from India. This need normally arises when you have to incorporate advanced features into your e-commerce site. The good thing is even a good number of offshore developers are more inclined to take up a remote project.    

An in-house developer may require training to become familiar with the latest technologies but this should not be the case with remote developers who are given to hone their skills regularly to draw new clients.

2. Impressive Portfolio 

On finding a prospective Shopify developer, go through their portfolio and verify their knowledge of the technical aspects of Shopify development and their experience in the same. Even if budget is an issue, you must refrain from hiring a newbie. Accomplished developers should be proficient in programming languages like Java, PHP, and even JavaScript. They should also be adept at integrating APIs in Shopify apps.

If the developer has worked on large-scale projects, this will work in your favor if you decide to scale up in the future. Through the portfolio, you can also ascertain whether the person will be able to pull off specific feature integration.  

3. Process Layout  

If you are going for Shopify development for the first time, it will be advisable if you request your Indian developer to first share the process layout i.e. how the development process is going to unfold. On procuring the same, some of the things that you will get to learn beforehand are as follows:

  • Basic language to be used for coding.
  • A number of hours to be spent on coding.
  • Product categories.
  • A total number of pages on your e-commerce site.
  • Payment gateways to be integrated.
  • The estimated budget of paid apps and themes.
  • The basic architecture of your e-commerce site.

Seasoned developers keen on grabbing your project could even give you a presentation on the above. Following this particular injunction will make you more informed.  

4. Maintenance & Support

You will continue to need the assistance of your Shopify developer even after your Shopify store is up and running. From time to time, you will have to update images, add new features, highlight discounts if there are any, etc. This is why a long-term association with your developer is imperative.

At times, you will require technical support too to fix the occasional glitches. So, see that the agreement that you prepare is not devoid of the maintenance & support clause.  

5. Element of Novelty

Interestingly, e-commerce websites are required to look the same and different at the same time. Therefore, your developer must ready a website that has something unique about it, which could be anything from a groundbreaking design to an in-your-face presentation of your offerings that forcefully draws visitors’ attention and elicits their consideration.

6. Satisfaction Guarantee

You can thank your lucky stars if you find a developer who gives you a satisfaction guarantee. Such developers may not be easy to find but if you do come across one, they will probably be willing to rework your project endlessly until you are not completely satisfied.   

7. Social Network Expansion

This is also what a competent Shopify developer can help you achieve. Today, social media is a prime source of traffic for any website and by leveraging it, your Shopify developer can ensure your online store has a steady flow of buyers.

Shopify started integrating with Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. last year, and online buyers today can make purchases on their FB and Insta apps. Even while making use of social commerce, your developer must see that the Shopify experience is evident at the checkout stage.

As you decide to hire a Shopify developer from India, the options will be innumerable and it’s by following the above instructions that you can screen the candidates and find one who can provide you with the most functional e-commerce site and also help with its growth and maintenance.