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Guideline: Buying Shoes For Kids in India

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Guideline: Buying Shoes For Kids

Finding the right pair of shoes for kids involves finding the right size and width. This article is gonna line up some of the most important things to remember when buying shoes for kids. This guideline is especially helpful when shopping online but is also useful for shoppers who generally like to be informed before they put all their trust in eager salesmen and women.

Finding the right size

When you are buying a new pair of shoes for a child, you should always remember to buy them 1 cm -1.5 cm (0.4 inches-0.6 inches) bigger than the measure of the feet. The best shoe shops can help you with both measuring the inside measures of the shoes and measuring the feet. If you are shopping online, the best shoe stores provide inside measures on all shoes and have printable foot size measures.

If you decide to measure the feet by yourself, do it carefully and check that your print is scaled 1:1. If the length of the feet is, say, 15 cm, the shoes should have an inside measure of 16-16.5 cm. It is recommended to choose the right shoe size based on this method rather than believing that all shoes with, say, EU size 28 have the same lengths.

Taking the width into account

Besides from finding the right size, finding the right width is also important. Most feet are medium wide, as are most shoes. However, be aware that some shoes are made especially for wide or narrow feet. Some online shoe stores provide information on this matter by stating if the shoes are particularly wide, narrow or just medium.

If you do not know if the feet are wide, narrow or medium, you should find a knowledgeable shoe store for kids and be advised about the width. Know that width of the feet can change over time, for instance, some kids have wide feet as toddlers while they become more narrow with time. Therefore, examine the feet regularly to see if they have changed significantly.

When are shoes too small? 

When are shoes too small? Normally, shoes are too small when the toes begin touching the front of shoe when walking. This usually happens when shoes are less than 0.5 cm bigger than the length of the feet. Be aware that toddlers usually will not be able to tell if their shoes are too small.

You can check this, by looking at the marks on a removable sole or by measuring the feet and the inside measures of the shoes. You can buy kids shoes online from Amazon UAE or Mumzworld. To get Extra discount on your baby shoes apply Amazon UAE Discount code or Mumzword UAE Coupon and save up to 50% on your purchase.