Custom Shoes

Foot shape and size is the most important factor that you should consider when buying new shoes. Accurate size shoes will help to keep your foot safe from many problems Custom Shoes, while an inaccurate one causes several problems. Now, online shopping has become so popular and they are also liked by people.

There are many people that depend on the stated shoe size, but the shoe size varies on the brands. So, before purchasing custom shoes, it is important to measure your foot to knowing about your accurate foot size. Below, I’m going to share a guideline that will help you to select the right shoes.

· Measuring Your Feet

It is important to measure your foot every time before purchasing shoes. It will save you from making an inaccurate purchase. You should don’t depend on the food measurements that are taken 5 years ago. The feet size and shape change due to ligament and other soft tissues. An inaccurate shoe can cause pain and other problems, so measure the arc length, length, and width of your feet is important.

· Stand When Measuring

Always measure your foot, when standing. In a standing position, the foot will spread out more. You should take the help of someone for taking the measurement. When taking foot measurement, you need to stand up and look straight to keep your overall weight on your foot. Incorrectly standing position can also affect and make inaccurate shape and size of your feet.

· Measure the Arch Length

Arch length is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when buying shoes. Measure the arch length from your heel to the ball of your feet where the big toe joint bends. If your shoes are bending before and after the big toe joint, this is not an accurate fit for you and cause pain.

· Size Doesn’t Matter

Don’t depend on the shoe size number, because it varies on the brands. Like size 8 Nike shoes will not fit accurately the same as a size 8 New Balance. You can get several differences between the two shoe companies.

· Fit Shoes to the Larger Foot

If you think both feet are the same, it doesn’t. You can measure and observe one foot is slightly larger than another one. This thing you should always remember and also buy the shoe that is perfect for your large foot. If your shoe is a little bit big you can insert pads to make it fit. But there are no options for adding space to a small shoe.

Trying on Shoes for Fit

· Wear Appropriate Socks or Hosiery

You should wear the socks that you will normally wear with the shoes. When buying a dress shoe, you should wear hosiery. And always wear thick socks for athletic or outdoor shoes, because the thickness can affect the shoe size.

· Leave Half-Inch at the Front of the Shoe

You should leave the half-inch space between the end of the front of the shoes and the longest toe. It will make you comfortable when wearing shoes.

· Leave 1/8 Inch at the Back of the Shoe

Nobody wants the back of the shoes tight against the back of the heel. If this is happening with your shoes can cause blisters and skin irritation. So, always leave a 1/8 inch gap between the back of the heel and shoes.

These are some factors that make shoe measurement important. You can find a leading designing and manufacturing company to buy high-quality custom slides, custom snapbacks, shoes, t-shirts, bottoms, face masks, jerseys, baby clothing, and many others.

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